Dahua Intercom Monitor DHI-VTH2421FB And Call Panel DHI-VTO2101E-P Connection And Setup

We’ve seen a lot of surveillance equipment, and these Dahua DHI-VTH2421FB and DHI-VTO2101E-P are not that much standing out of the crowd, but their main features are a high durability, low price, affordability, and the availability due to that. Today we’re reviewing fresh Dahua intercom monitor and outdoor station, or a call panel, and along with that we will guide you through a quick and easy activation and setup processes via the Dahua software.

The DHI-VTO2101E-P Indoor Station is an IP network equipment, and it has a PoE feature that we love for the simplicity of transmitting a power and the internet, but the Dahua DHI-VTH2421FB monitor itself is not PoE-type, so make sure to have connectors, LAN-cables, PoE-switch or the 12 Volts power supply and some sharp-edged tool to strip a contact wires.

DHI-VTO2101E-P Call Panel

What’s really necessary for this class of things – the protection rate, that allows the device to stand against any weather and against a direct hit or any harmful actions. The IP65 and IK10 here mean you’re good to go with this in any environment, regardless of how criminal or military-surrounded your neighbourhood is.

The IP65 here is a dust and a slight rain resistance and IK10 is a great vandal-proof indicator. 2 megapixel camera module, 45 degrees view angle, infrared sensor due to that and night vision, two-way audio, made of aluminum and zinc alloy, has a anti-tamper alarm on body and alarm input in body.

DHI-VTH2421FB Intercom Monitor

You know what is this about: 7 inch 1024×600 touch screen, alarm sensors integration, surveillance ip-cameras integration and a two-way audio allowing us to recieve calls from an outside installed equipment straight to this monitor. The Linux OS as a main system onboard, customized by Dahua and here’s a fast interface rundown for you:


Activation & Tying Up

Before watching the activation video, make sure to have on your PC Dahua’s Toolbox. Inside of it, download Dahua’s Config Tool and also the Smart PSS software. The monitor is being activated directly on it’s screen, but the indoor station reqires a remote activation. Caringly attaching an official download link for you:


I can describe these Dahua DHI-VTH2421FB and DHI-VTO2101E-P as a solid and affordable equipment. You know, here we have everything that we need with a zero excesses. It is simple to install, simple to connect, simple to use, will probably exceed guaranteed working term.

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