How To Choose CCTV Video Surveillance System? All About CCTV

Today we’re about to uncover such a topic as “Selecting a CCTV System” for yourself among such many options on the marke. Choose a camera, video recorder, CCTV system for your individual purposes

To start off, let’s define what the CCTV system consists of:

1. The main component here is a camera as that’s the thing that gives us an image, the other parts are kind of turning around it. In most, there is a 2 variations on camera form:

    • Dome type form. These Dome cams are usually installed inside of building, and again we have a one more branching here – they could be plastic or a metal body. The metal ones are often applied to public places, cause there is a risk someone could harm it.
    • Cylindrical type form. Unlike dome-type, the cylindrical ones are almost 100% being produced in metal cover. And they are being installed outside only. They largely have an IP67 and IK10 advanced standards withing them, meaning we don’t worry what’s the weather outside because our camera is fully protected against it. That is dust, water resistance and the impact protection.

2. The second system part is a Video Recorder. It recieves a signal from cameras, processes it, records it, and saves a video files inside of it on the internal storage. Accordingly, you’ll need to get the SATA hard drive, HDD, additionally. Reminding of our clients, there’s no any uniform answer to which should you pick as this depends on your tasks and on camera’s resolution that affects a video size to be saved on the drive. The entry level among recorders is a 4-channel recorder. Further, it’s four, eight, sixteen, thirty two and exceeding.


3. The third system part is the Cables and Wires. We’ve taken out this item separately in a 3rd position on list because this matters, and here’s why. In the entire CCTV area there are mostly 3 cable types:

    • Twisted Pair Internet Cable
    • Power Cable
    • Combined coaxial wire with 2 conductors, where 1 is signal and the second is power. I would recommend to take this list item with all the responsibility because your cables selection directly affects the image quality you will get. Also we want to note that the twisted pair cable could be used both in iP-systems and analog systems equally. Such a coaxial cable used only within analog systems.

4. Power Adapter. Within a weak current system, the 12 volts adapters are used in it, and specifically the CCTV area refers to it. 2 types here:

    • Regular one
    • Uninterrupted power adapter that is kind of a separate system with it’s own battery. The difference is only that if the electricity grid is down, the recording won’t stop as long as your battery in the uninterrupted power adapter lives, and that could be a lot.


What’s The Goal, What’s The Task?

How To Install Any Analog Security Camera CCTV DIY 6-3 screenshot

• House Type Installation

2 most popular requests in our store are a private house equipment install and a little store device install. To have a constant generall overview of your house territory we would advise you to get these metal cylindrical cameras as they have a wide view angle from 85° to a 110° degree view angle, the fixed focus length is 2.8 – 3.6 mm. And our favorite parameter – camera resolution. For these kind of appliances 2 or 3 megapixels is more than enough. That was a House type installation.


• Store Type Installation

Most of it, the dome type cameras are used here. In compare, they have the same 85° to a 110° degree view angle, but they could also be narrow-type for a greater detailing of the appliances like a cashbox zone and other spots where you need to see details. For these narrow-type the focus length is regularly starts at 6 mm. length and goes up to 16 mm. What’s else important – the resolution. The entry level here is 2 megapixels, we would recommend to take 3 mp. as this a golden middling. If you need to see faces or car numbers in details, take 4, 5 or more megapixels.


• Defining Tracking Area

This parameter directly affects the recorder selection. You need 4 cameras – take 4-channels recorder, but if you have a 6 tracking zones – this is an 8-channels recorder because 2-channels will remain unfilled for the future updates that you will probably need.

• CCTV System Standards

The next and a really important item is the CCTV system standards. What’s meant here – the digital iP and analog standards. IP system has a higher quality image, a lot more functions and it’s very little more expensive than the analog, though the price parameter depends on a functions quantity and complexity.



Now you are ready to pick the CCTV System that will be a perfect fit to your situation as you got trained throughought this material. Thank you 🙂 Read our other articles here.


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