Ezviz C3A: 13 Pros To Blow Your Mind!

Soon the stores shelfs all over the world will be flooded with the latest series Hikvision’s Ezviz Consumer Department devices. We’ve made a tiny material on how you can use the benefits of each camera for you here, and now we thought we haven’t properly disclose all of the Ezviz C3A features and thus we’ve came up with the list that perfectly explains the entire C3A model feature set.

TOP 13 Ezviz C3A Pros List:

1. 1080p Video

Yes, Arlo already has an Arlo Ultra 4K camera to offer, but look at the price and additional things you got to buy within + ask yourself a question: “Do you need 4K camera and are you ready to pay for it?”. Maybe, maybe not. 1080p is still a good quality to start from.

2. 100% Wire-free

That’s an interesting feature, allowing us to change camera’s location and install it over the entrance door, the backyard, in-house – awesome. What I don’t like is the fact that the battery station is missing and I have to get it additionaly. Having wireless devices creates a need to buy additional gadgets for use conveniece. But is it convenient to have more stuff that requires care? I don’t think so.


3. 5500 mAh Battery

Good news – one 5500 mAh battery in stock lasts up to 3 months. Having a W2D base station increases this indicator up to 8 months. I don’t know how that magic happens, but we live in 21st century and that imposes a particular imprint on all things happening.


4. Passive Infrared Sensor Featuring Motion Detect

Get the notification when someone’s approaching your property when you’re away, know if you dog is home, count the guests – many ways of use. The one you really need is spotting a vandals and unpleasant guests on time.

5. Two-Way Audio

Hear, speak, watch – 3in1. Actually that’s awesome I don’t have to get off the couch to let someone in or tell anyone I’d rather keep resting instead of meeting them. Also can monitor what children are doing and instantly tell them something important. A lot of our clients use this particular two-way audio cams as a baby walkie-talkie.


6. The Night Vision

40 ft. / 7.5 m. is half of average indicator that nowadays cams have, but this cam isn’t really supposed to cover big areas. It will cover the whole room or the entrance area. For distance – get the Ezviz C3WN featuring 30 meters / 100 feet night vision distance.



7. 126° Angle Field of View

Yet, Arlo Pro 2 features 110° view angle. I think this matters and it’s quite important to consider this parameter too. The wider the field is – the larger area we cover with one device onle. If we count, it takes 7 Ezviz C3A against 8 Arlo Pro 2 to cover the same area piece. I hope this number matter to you 🙂



8. IP65 Dust and Water Resistance

Well, it’s good to have this here as the cam is installed both outside and inside. Just look at this beautiful picture. Gorgeous 🙂



9. The MicroSD Card Support Up To 128GB

The manufacturers usually save on the microSD capacity support as they want to sell us the cloud storage option in addition or the base station. 128 GB is a good rate among the other cameras.


10. Cloud Service

To start off, Ezviz offers 30-day free trial period instead of Arlo’s 7 days and Google Aware’s 5 days. The rest is standard. Now it’s a service and brand name competition, not the specifications.

11. The Hub

Two hubs to offer. Router, video records storage, battery life increaser, multi-management tool – you will probably ponder about having one when you will reach 2-3 cameras quantity.

12. Easy Setup

What I love about Ezviz – their app. Everything is extremely simple, fast and good-looking. Get it from the App Store or Google Play and you will see.

13. Customization

Now there’s a plenty of ways to express your unique point of view even if we talk about a security camera. We have 2 basestations in sustain, a few lithium batteries to shift discharged one to full one, solar power panel, charging station, metal mount for more secure installation and I guess they going to put into sales a cases. Why not?



Having this great features set in the classy-looking cover is what we asked for. Now we have it in such many variations: Arlo Pro 2, Ring Spotlight Cam, Google Nest Cam, Ezviz C3A. What should I pick? That is a good question. As I’ve mentioned somewhere above – now it’s a service and brand name competition, not the specifications, as they are mostly identical. I hope Hikvision would cover more homes with their Ezviz subbrand because I believe Hikvision, while companies like Amazon with their Ring are violating our privacy rights as the recent accident showed. It’s terrifying to know that my personal data is at arm’s length for some guy and he has constant access to my personal life, while I think the device I bought shoud protect me.

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