Ezviz C1C, Ezviz C3A and Ezviz C3WN 2019: Different Purposes Cameras

As the Hikvision’s Ezviz has recently launched or is going to launch the new cameras in 2019, we want to help our viewers pick the camera specifically for their needs. We’re going to review and compare a different purposes security cameras:

  • Ezviz C1C
  • Ezviz C3A
  • Ezviz C3WN

Established as a new consumer-focused brand in 2013, staffed with a company vision, technologies and the working staff, Ezviz has became Hikvision’s official subsidiary by 2016.


CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree with the Ezviz DP1, Received CSA STAR Certification for cloud platform in 2018, launching even more devices in 2019. Chinese consumer-focused, Hikvision’ technologies-staffed brand hits the online-stores and consumers’ houses with its devices.

We have passed the decade of taking Chinese products as a low-quality cheap forgery, and now we can evaluate objectively by the company achievements instead of the origin country.

Ezviz C1C: Home Security Camera


Fully indoor and the freshest on this list – Ezviz C1C that comes in 2 versions: 720p / 110° view angle and 1080p / 130°. We got here a two-way talk option owing to built-in speaker and a microphone. Built-in infrared sensor covers the distance of 12 m./40 ft., which is quite better compared to the average indicator for this type of cams.


Our favorite feature here is a strong magnetic basement, perfectly fitted in the home camera concept

What’s awesome here – the 256 GB microSD cards support. Compared to other manufacturers, Ezviz lets you save a lot of your records onto the card with no need to pay for the cloud storage.

To conclude, Ezviz has perfectly realized the concept of a cheap home entry-level wi-fi camera with some formula improvements. You can observe and make sure your children are fine when you’re away and even speak to them. And also, Ezviz C1C saves your money.

Ezviz C3A: Wireless Security Camera


1080p Video, two-way audio, built-in passive infrared sensor enabling the motion detect feature, the night vision up to 25 feet or 7 and a half meters distance – good. Now the interesting ones – the first Ezviz 100% wireless camera featuring 5 500 mAh rechargeable and removable battery. A 126° view angle to cover your whole entrance area. IP65 Dust and Water Resistance, the MicroSD Card Support Up To 128GB. Not the first in class, and yet able to offer some convenient functions. It’s a perfect fit for your front yard or the entrance area, you can even install this one in house ant it will be okay. And you are finally got rid of wires!

Ezviz C3WN: In Case You Need A Distance


Unlike the C3A, Ezviz C3WN is a wire-requiring camera, although the video signal transmitted over the internet. As well as the C3A model, it was designed to be installed outdoors, due to IP66 rating. The IP66 means the dust tightness and a water resistance against powerful jets. The IP65 rating, that the C3A model has only a water resistance against a weak raindrop. What really makes the C3WN stand out is the 30 meters / 100 feet night vision view distance. And this is how you can guess the camera’s intention – a perfect fit for a large backyard owners. Of the rest, the cam offers 1080p FullHD recording quality, software motion detection, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support and the microSD card up to 256 GB support. Also, these 2 wi-fi antennas are here to make the connection stronger and your experience continuous within no breaks in the communication.

Cameras Comparison Pivot Table


Ezviz C1C

Ezviz C3A

Ezviz C3WN

Video Quality 720p/1080p 1080p 1080p
Audio Communication Two-way Audio Two-way Audio Receiving Only
Recording Frame Rate 20 fps 25-30 fps 30 fps
Motion Detect / Infrared Built-in Infrared Software Motion Detect /
No Infrared
Built-in Infrared
Power Requires Power 100% Wireless Requires LAN
View Angle 110°/130° 126° 110°
Night Vision View Distance 12 m./40 ft. 7.5 m./25 ft. 30 m./100 ft.
Protection Rate N/A IP65 IP66
Install Type Indoor, Magnetic Base Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
MicroSD Capacity Support Up to 256 GB Up to 128 GB Up to 256 GB
Additional Features Intelligent PIR sensor Audio Reception up to
5 Meters / 16.5 ft.
Extra Accessories
5500 Lithium Battery


The C1C is your perfect pick for the indoor installation, especially if you have a little kid. You’re able to speak to a kid via the camera and view the whole room. By the way, the cam is easily removable, so you can place it anywhere, where it’s needed, and even be aware of everything happening in your house at night due to the improved 40 ft. night vision and infrared motion detector. Pick the C3A model of you are tired of wires. It fits best for outdoor installation, where your entrance is, or the backyard. Note that night vision view distance is quite slight here. The Ezviz C3WN is your best pick for a large owned territory and high rain probability regions. Owing to 30 m. / 100 ft. you’re able to catch and hear every intruder in details, and thanks to IP66 rating, the camera is protected against powerful jets.

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