Top 7 Home Security Lifehacks 2019: Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Summer Time!

I mean, the middle of season. If you are just planning your rest now as I do, we have a topic for you to consider in a spare time. Today we’re going to share with you some of our own tips, tricks and lifehacks on a particular topic of “How To Protect Your Home While You Are On The Vacation” since it’s the summer time and a lot of people use their savings to go on the vacation instead of buying some expensive home security systems.

This guide is pretty much applicable to those who has to save on the home security gadgets for a various reasons and also the ones who want to make out some extra protection to prevent some unpleasant outcomes. Low-budget or a zero budget stuff only today.

Top 7 Lifehacks To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

1. The Lights


You probably know what the robbers check first of all. Your availability. They look up into your life schedule, your job, your wife, and the the rest. I mean, a silly burglar comes in your house when you’re home and points a gun at you, but the smart one finds out when you’re away, learns a breaches in your protection for awhile and makes everything as silent and accurate as possible.

Now let’s cut and reduce the chances for these loosers! Smart lights is what I’m talking about. How will the robber know that you’re away if the lights in your house are turning on and off regardless of you, on a pre-scheduled timeline without your participation and change the modes every day? Honestly, we can’t make our home protected 100% accurare, but we can complicate thief’s life a lot.

2. Security Cams


Weren’t you expecting the security guys to offer you a security cam? Well anyway, we’ve made a «TOP 5 cheap security cams under 35$» video, meaning an ultra-low budget solution for like every purse out there. Besides, it enables a much more use options then the property protection, such as a 24/7 baby monitor. A #1 option to consider, since these cams have a built-in motion sensor that will notify you in case it spots a movement while there should be no movement, but we won’t focus on this option too hard because this is what lies on top of a surface.

3. Hold Your Mailing And Newspapers


An overflowing mailbox is a really loud sign you are out of town. Tell the delivery companies and your post office to stop mailing for awhile. But I’d rather recommend not to specify the dates, who knows. We’ve seen a bunch of cases when a malefactors had their informant in some organisations. The fact is that some people are trying to f**k with you. And they are growing their methods. But that doesn’t mean all the people. Only the specific ones.

4. Advertise Your Security Setup


Even if you don’t have either, especially if you don’t have any security system. Get those stickers, the security companies are giving away for free. Man, we give that stuff for free, it’s a part of our promotion. And of course you have some local security companies within a walking distance, so you can just come by, take any cheapy cam featuring motion detect from the paragraph #2, get the smart lights and have some stickers for free as well. And here you are stocked. Good job 🙂 Share your crazy security setup on Facebook, tell your Twitter audience you have signed a security company contract. Get their stickers. Cut a camera mockup out of the cardboard. Come on, the kids tricks are still relevant.

5. The Tv, The Music, The Man


With your phone you’re able to control not the lights only. You know that. Why don’t you pre-schedule your smart tv to turn off and on unpredictably, your google assistant or the amazon alexa to switch on some music so at least the thieves would know you have a great music taste. Of course I’m kidding, but the fact remains. Do it.

6. Trash Cans

Hmm, your trash cans remain absolutely empty for a week? It’s definitely a good idea to break into your house. I mean, okay, you’ve followed all the steps above, good, but… the villians aren’t stupid. They could probably assume you are smart enough to get a few gadgets to create and keep the visibility of your home presence, but forgot to deal with a common things like your regular habits. The solution? Well, ask your neighbour to fill your trash cans with his garbage too when they are going to. Don’t tell a garbage removal company to stop take out your garbage. Well again, this lies on a surface, but this is a really common mistakes that we continue to do. Don’t 🙂

7. The Obvious

Are you the one who leaves a note on door for a carrier and deliveries when you’re about to go on a business trip, the vacation, holidays, family meeting in the countryside? Come on, we’re not condemning, everyone’s done some things unconsiously, after what we were blaming ourselves, but come on, you got to get over it and tell noone you’re about to leave a city except for the ones who really have to know that.


The vacation is such a highly expected time in a year. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. At the same level as a winter holidays. And there’s no person in a whole world who wants to come back home and discover there’s nothing left in home. That is why we highly and kindly ask you to follow those steps. If you will, you’ll cut all the worries and rest peacefully, because you’ve deserved that.

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