Inexpensive Home Surveillance: TOP 5 Home Security Cameras Under 35$ / 28£

 We heard this question a plenty of times from our customers: “I’m not good with all this surveillance systems area, all I want is to get some cheap entry-level cam to see what’s going on in my home when I’m away”. It could be either watch out for the kids or just to feel more secure and control the situation – various reasons.

Here’s our list: TOP 5 home wifi cameras featuring an easy installation and the price tag mostly under 30-35 dollars per camera, with which we were working personally and would recommend to everyone. You will see mostly similar home wifi cameras featuring 1 or 2 megapixels, 720p and/or 1080p resolution only for the most clean list demonstration and comparison.

Pivot Table:

Feature Zmodo 720p Mini Camera Wyze Cam Version 2 Foscam C1 YI 1080 Home Camera Ezviz C1C
Alexa Support N/A N/A N/A
Google Assistant Support N/A N/A N/A
720p HD Version
1080p FullHD Version
View Angle / Rate 115° 110° 115° 112° 110°/130°
Easy to Install / Specs fasten on the wall Magnetic base, flexible body fasten on the wall fasten on the wall Magnetic base
Two-way Audio
Night Vision View Distance up to 20ft / 6 m. up to 30 ft / 9 m. up to 26 ft. / 8 m. up to 30 ft. / 9m. up to 40 ft. / 12 m.
Motion Detection / Infrared
MicroSD Capacity Support up to 32 GB up to 32 GB up to 32 GB up to 32 GB up to 256 GB
Phone App
Cloud Service
Sound Recognition
Instant Alerts / Live Notifications
Price 35$ 19.99$ 34.99$ 29.99$ not listed
Additional Features smoke sound recognition crying baby detection

Zmodo 720p Mini Camera

The manufacturers can no longer surprise us with the Alexa and Google Assistant support so yes, that is included. In simple terms, Zmodo Mini Cam features 1 megapixel 720p HD resolution with a 115 view angle. And that is quite enough to view the entire room if it placed properly. They also say it’s very easy to install and they are right, this is exactly that, what the cam of this level should be. In it’s functions set it also has a two-way audio to make us able to both hear and speak, and a 20 feet length night vision and a smart motion alert. And there is an optional cloud records keep. Also, watch out for the Zmodo Ezcam, it’s very similar.

Wyze Cam Version 2

Seattle’s Wyze Cam version 2 priced 20 dollars on the official website. 1080p Full HD, two-way audio, Alexa and Google Assistant support, NIght Vision and Motion Tagging technology that detects and highlights motion in both live stream and replay modes and it can spot a sounds of smoke alarms. For 20 dollars! 3-axis design allows us to raise, tilt, and swivel the camera to point in any needed direction. You can plug in here a microSD card to keep your records and Wyze also offers a cloud save service with a 14 days free trial. And yeah, there is also a rotating Wyze Cam Pan that we recommend to look through too.

Foscam C1

The Foscam C1 is not that fresh, absolutely. But it was here from the beginning and many other manufacturers were taking it as an example. 720p 1 megapixel resolution here fits with a 115 view angle on a color CMOS sensor. The night vision here works well up to 26 feet distance.

That is more than the average indicator. For audio compression the H.264 codec is responsible here. So the regular for this type of cams 2 way audio spec is here too. The passive infrared sensor is here to detect actions and spot people as well as a sound recognition. And there is a few more little but very pleasant things.

YI 1080p Home Camera

YI 1080p Home Camera first gen. The thing that Chinese YI is famous for is their Action Cams and that they split off from the Xiaomi in 2016, although the Xiaomi still owns a large stake in it. From the name we know its a 1080p Full HD resolution. But what else is there? A 112 wide view angle, 3D Noise Reduction, 4X digital zoom, LDC, a Motion and a Sound Detection and it can real-time detect a crying baby.

That is adorable, and very useful for the parents. Sure it has a two-way audio, but only 32 gigabytes sd cards supported to store your records. So, it has the infrared sensor, but YI made it imperceptible, a quote from the official website: “You can see if your baby is sleeping soundly at night, without any LED or infrared glare disturbing them”. Great feature. We think this is a must-buy for a parents.

Ezviz C1C

And the Hikvision’s Ezviz C1C that comes in 2 versions with only 2 differences – 720p with 110 view angle and 1080p with 130 view angle, and we think the price distinctions would be about 10 dollars when a worldwide release will happen. What Ezviz says, they top feature is that they are sharp-eyed, especially the night mode. Both 720p and 1080p versions feature Infrared sensor with a motion detect, Night Vision up to 12 meters distance and a Two-Way audio.

And we haven’t seen something similar in this class of cameras – the MicroSD Card support up to 256 gigabytes. One more cool thing is a really strong magnet here in the basement, so the installation made really easy here. The thing we really love about Ezviz is their service. We do, really. Get the free Ezviz app from the App Store or Google Play to see what we are talking about. And it manifests itself in the cloud storage too. We have also made an Ezviz C1C dedicated video here so go check it out to get details:


To conclude, the cams that we have compared are the cheapest in frames of their features and brand name. We know you can find even cheaper cams, but still, they are Chinese no-name imitations that would probably cause a lot of errors and some services could be unavailable or work terrible due to their extremely low price and a lack of the optimization.



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