Ajax StarterKit Review

Maybe you heard of
it, maybe you’re not, but the fact is that Ajax devices are being shipped all
over the world, to be exact, to the 70 countries and that is a Ukrainian
Company. I mean, how often does the product from the third world’s country such
as Ukraine gets global?

So how much do you
know about the Ukraine? Well, it’s a little country situated below the Russia,
near the black sea and you probably heard of the boxers Alexandr Usik, Vladimir
Klichko that became a capital’s mayor afterwards, the Chernobyl Catastrophe and
a revolution in 2013-2014.

Now there is a one
more reason for Ukraine to be proud of. The Ajax Systems.


And the first thing
to know about the Ajax it’s their starter kit which is the first thing that
company meets with the new customers. And right now we are about to review it.

What can I tell: we
got here the main hub, motion detector, the door opening sensor and a key fob
with an alarm button, so the total amount of devices is 4 and let’s get closer
to them.

The Hub is the core
and the brain here. It collects info about the operations of sensors in an
encrypted form, analyzes the data, so if something happens it takes like
milliseconds till it reports about the danger to the system owner and directly
to the security console.

So what it does? It
actually controls every connected sensor, the hub checks if they are operating
real time every 12 seconds (imagine that). It can work up to 15 hours with no
electricity and it has a built in GSM slot and can be conected to ethernet via
cable. It also has that jeweler radio technology which basically converts the
entire system to the pure frequencies when jamming. And it is protected from
viruses at the program level.

It supports a 100
sensors maximum, 50 users and it can control 50 rooms. Good for a machine, am I

The next next in
line is Motion Protect Sensor. I mean, you know what it means from the name. It
has an immunity to the animals up to 20 kilograms in weight. It also immune to
the heat and the coldness and the battery here lasts like up to 7 years long.
So you simply mount it near the doors and you can be sure to know first if the
unpleasant guests appeared.

The third is the
Door Protect Sensor. Beside that it looks really modern and futuristic, this
one consists of 2 modules that can be mounted on the door and the adjoining
wall. And so it works via the magnet and easily mounts over any wood, a plastic
or metal. Yet simple but still effective and you’ll always know if your windows
or doors are opened suddenly.

The last one is a
Space Control Trinket. 4 buttons and the encrypted signal, that excludes its
interception, is transmitted to the whole system and it has that light
indicator on the case. Actualy Ajax has a prety comfortable mobile app so
you’re able to do the same via your phone but this one is faster to reach and
that matters when only the seconds determine if everything’s going to be

I mean, I can talk
about the Ajax all day long, but it’s time for totals.


The Ajax has a lot
of awards, like Security & Fire Excellence Award, The Intruder Alarm of the
Year, The Best Innovative Product from the MIPS Securika and others. The facts
and the numbers speak for themselves and of course you want to be protected by
the world’s best because your life and the life of your family members is the
most importand thing in the world. Now combine that with a unique high-end
modern and futuristic design and a hell lot of usefull functions and that’s how
people become the Ajax Systems fans.

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