Full Body Temperature Measurement System By Hikvision Test! Thermal Fever Screening / Elevated Temp

This time it’s a fever screening technology / body temperature measurement system provided by Hikvision, to whom we are grateful for providing a sample, and we are about to demonstrate you every single part of the system so you can determine if you need it and to compare it to other solutions on a market, Pipl Systems Store.

Among the places to apply such system there are shopping malls, airports, train stations, big manufacturing facilities and similar places where is a large flow of people passing. Mostly, because the system we have is able to show you a temperature of 30 people at once and that is a great number. It can also recognize and remember faces, detect if a person wears mask, hats or helmets and many other features, to which we are getting closer now.

Excluding all additional parts like brackets, tripods and et cetera, main temperature measurement system parts are:

  • Thermal Imaging Network Camera to execute the temperature measurement;
  • Black Body Device to be a reference point for the camera to reach a higher accuracy;
  • Highly intelligent Network Video Recorder to provide deep-learning analysis features like face recognition, false alarm reduction, to maintain a database and etc. The system’ brain;


In our place it looks like this:

In our main entrance area we have devices installed that way to monitor the entrance line, because no matter what, every visitor is going to cross this square, a measurement area, and his face is going to be recognized, that is displayed on our TV, used as a monitor here.

Left to it we have a laptop to work with the appliance, standing on a video recorder, that adds to our setup a range of intelligent functionality and also maintains a database with captured faces, records about people and their related body temperature measurements and a lot of other useful data.

Here’s the thermal camera. The center of our setup is presented by a thermographic temperature screening network camera, about which we will talk later in the material, and the last, but a highly important element is a black body device. Now let me tell you the details and answer what every system part is responsible for.


Temperature Screening Camera

Hikvision DS-2TD2636B-15/P Thermal Temperature Screening Camera, that we have installed in our place, is one of many Hikvision cameras to work thermal imaging, in the last paragraph you will find an approximate list if you are looking for product names. The camera is remarkable for that it combines 2 camera modules under the hood: thermal and a familiar to us optical one. And one of the tasks of such a setup is to allow you to view both images at once like a “picture in picture mode” or a Bi-Spectrum Image Fusion mode, in which the details of optical channel are overlaid on a thermal channel to show you more details on both channels. Demo:

The camera reaches a margin of error plus ± 0.5 Celsius, but there is a way to decrease it down to 0.2-0.3 Celsius with the help of next appliance in our list. What is very useful indeed is that this camera is able to determine and recognize if a person wears a mask, hat or a helmet – the peculiarity is that the fact of wearing a mask doesn’t affect a measuring accuracy. And it can detect if a person wears a mask, that allows us to pick out and filter those, who are not wearing any protective clothing so you don’t have to do that manually, which is definitely hard to do if you are monitoring large groups of people passing by.

Black Body Calibrator

The black body device – you can definitely use a system with no black body device if a high accuracy is not what you are looking for, but in the best possible scenario in the middle of your setup you have black body. The task of this device is to create and to maintain a certain temperature constantly. This is the assistance device for the camera, because the camera defines it as a reference point when measuring to compare a passer-by’ temperature with a temperature that emits the black body device. This is how we achieve a high temperature measurement accuracy with the numbers: ± 0.2-0.3 Celsius margin of error. Because in the absent black body device scenario the margin of error is 0.5 Celsius and higher.

Intelligent Video Recorder

The last but not least, a crucial part of the system is an artificially intelligent network video recorder. Among functionality of the recorder there are features, based on deep learning algorithms: 8-channel facial recognition, false alarm reduction, there is video analysis for human and vehicle recognition to reduce false alarms, there are 16 libraries supported and up to 10 000 face pictures to be saved on it and work with and other and other and a lot of other features.

We didn’t go deeper into the system because this is a demonstration. The real “working with it” guidance is definitely going to take quite a lot of time to produce, and incredibly much time to master, measured in dozens of hours, some number of days and weeks of specialized trainings. It is mandatory to use the services of professionals for installation, configuration and for learning how to work with the system on a basic level. And we in the Pipl Systems Store can provide you such services


– Hikvision Thermal Temperature Screening Camera DS-2TD2636B-15/P
– Hikvision Artificially Intelligent 32-ch DeepinMind NVR iDS-7732NXI-I4/16P/X(B)
– Hikvision Black Body Device DS-2TE127-F4A

– DS-2TD2637B-10/P Hikvision Thermal Temperature Screening Camera
– DS-2TD2636B-13/P Hikvision Thermal Temperature Screening Camera
– DS-2TD2617B-3/PA Hikvision Thermal Temperature Screening Camera
– DS-2TD1217B-3/PA Hikvision Thermal Temperature Screening Camera
– DS-2TD2617B-6/PA Hikvision Thermal Temperature Screening Camera
– DS-2TE127-G4A Black Body Calibration Device
– Hikvision DS-2TP23-10VM/W Thermographic Handheld Camera
– Hikvision DS-2TP31-3AUF Thermographic Handheld Camera
– iDS-6708NXI-I/8F(B) Hikvision Artificially Intelligent DeepinMind NVR
– iDS-6716NXI-I/16S (B) Hikvision Artificially Intelligent DeepinMind NVR
– iDS-7608NXI-I2/8P/8F Hikvision Artificially Intelligent DeepinMind NVR
– iDS-96128NXI-I16(B) Hikvision Artificially Intelligent DeepinMind NVR
– iDS-9664NXI-I8/16S(B) Hikvision Artificially Intelligent DeepinMind NVR

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