Hikvision 2-Lens Camera Featuring AI People Counting: DS-2CD6825G0/C-IVS

Today We Are Focusing Our Attention On A Hikvision 2-lens Ip-camera Featuring An Artificial
Intelligent 3d-depth Recognition Technology That Can Count And Track People:

Box Internals / Looks

A tiny box with a very miniature camera:

  • Firmware CD;
  • Quick Start Guide;
  • Mounting Sticker;
  • Bracket;
  • Hexagon Screwdriver;
  • Pack with Screws and Dowels;
  • 4 Pieces of Waterproof Tape.
  • The camera itself: Hikvision DS-2CD6825G0/C-IVS

The cam has a solid metal body with a plastic front panel on top. The tail consists of: 12-volt power input, RJ-45 for the LAN cable, camera supports PoE, RS–485 interface, alarm inputs-outputs and an audio inputs-outputs, microphone, and that intriguing colored 2-megapixel FullHD lenses, 2 mm. of focal length, a view angle 112.

The dual camera module is here namely to implement a stereoscopic or a binocular vision – as well as how our eyes work, thanks to which we can perceive shapes, sizes and a distance to the object – in other words, a perception of the object in 3D. So as our brain does it in a passive mode for us, Hikvision have created some special software that calculates all this for the camera. And we have seen this lot of times in these days smartphones with a dual or more cameras. And besides the people counting feature, we are also able to filter objects in sight by their height – and so a children, let’s suppose, up to a 120 cm. in height won’t be counted, or they will be counted separately, and the detection height is customizable here.


Infrared sensor with a detection distance of up to 6 meters, H.265+ compression rate support. Due to the fact that this is an outdoor-type camera, the body was made to match IP67 protection rate, which means that it is completely protected from dust and moisture, making it withstand almost any weather. As well as anti-vandal protection level IK08. But what we are really interested in is a people counting feature and there’s a lot to say about it. Owing to a Hikvision special self-learning intelligent algorithms, the calculation accuracy is very high and you’ll see a live demo further. That high accuracy is manifested in that if several people cross the established counting line simultaneously even in different directions, yet everyone is going to be counted. For a cam to operate properly you need to mount it at a 2-6 meters height, the way where the lenses are directed 90 degrees straight down to the floor, and usually it is installed in some entrance areas and pointed to entrance doors. The typical application places are: parks, theme parks, shopping centers, cinemas, airports – all public places with a large and constant flow of people. Moving on to a setup.

Enabling People Counting / Configuration Guide

There are 2 options – the web interface and the IVMS-4200. The 1st is more familiar to me, so that’s Internet Explorer, entering the IP-address of the cam in the browser search field and going to the web control panel. The DS-2CD6825G0 camera is already activated and the only thing I configured in it – I have entered my email address in there to receive reports. Login, password and instantly entering. Settings, here we have standard system settings, service, security, etc. Network management, and here, by the way, you can specify your email address in order to receive reports, reports configuration and their frequency are further in the article. Video and audio settings, image settings. The event – movement, tamper, alarming inputs / outputs, and here is another audio detection. That is, so far, nothing extraordinary, and you probably saw it hundreds of times. But we are interested in the VCA section – that is, setting up an intelligent video analysis functionality.

A people counting mode is selected by default and that’s what we need, we continue to the next tab. What happens in “VCA” → “Rule” is we create rules depending on the situation and location, it all starts with the auto green calibration zone, or a manual calibration. If that’s an auto – adjust its size and position so that it lies straight on a flat floor and click “Calibration” – the camera itself will determine the height and angle. And there is also a manual mode where we need to set the height and angle by ourselves. Now let’s start adjusting.

We have a door in sight, almost in a center, and we are using it as a basis. What we do – draw a blue rectangle “region 1” inside of the red counting area, that is set automatically. For my entrance door, drawing the region 1 along the inner contour of a red rectangle and done. Now create the detection line itself, which will do the people spotting, and setting its direction, putting it inside of our region. About these regions A and B buttons – A is the entry region, and B is the exit region. So, if a person crosses region A initially, and then B in a second turn – this is considered and counted as an entrance. Conversely, if B is a first point and A is the second, then this is the way out and its counted as an exit. And we can also set the schedule. And what’s really awesome – only a person who entered the zone from the outside and then completely crossed the line in this direction, and went out in the zone on the opposite side of line will be counted. And this is how a random intersections and random passers-by are excluded, because we need only those who entered the door, that is, crossed the line in its set direction.

Also we can create a mask – a zone in which objects will not be counted, exclusions. That is – protect the region if you need it. What’s worth discussing further – reports and real time reports. Data Uploading tab → real-time download → turn on. I set the statistics of cycles a 1 minute. I select only the report for the day, and the format is Excel. And so they will be delivered to the mail that we inputted earlier. The overlay is you know what it is, and here’s what else to look for – a height filter and a child count filter. Accordingly, whether you need to count children, count them separately, and whether you need to count objects by height. I’m turning it off and save.

What I want to finish here with is the “Application” tab, where we can see statistics on counting people. Type of time, type of statistics, turning on, and here on the right – time intervals. And this is namely how reports that will come to your email are going to look.


I asked my colleagues to come in and go out of the room to demonstrate you this. Let’s see and count along with the camera. What I want to show – the camera and its algorithm is really accurate.


I didn’t see anything particularly complicated in a setting up or working with this appliance. The standard settings first – video, audio, image, motion detection, and then setting up the intelligent people counting function – and here everything is fine, its not difficult to configure, everything is clear, and most important – great accuracy and real-time reports plus filtering objects and children by height, which only increases the output accuracy. Get in in Pipl Systems Store! 😉

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