Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Alarm System: AX PRO PIR Detector Review – Features / Demo / Activation

Hikvision AX Pro: PIR Detector Review

The most essential sensor ever – PIR Motion Detector of a Hikvision New AX Pro Alarm System. We are going to quickly glance through the operating principle, features, build and activation. And then you can get it in our Pipl Systems Store.

You know this one – you pass within the detection area → you get a triggering → 1 second → the signal comes to Hub → you’re notified on your phone → alarm event occurred: lights on, siren goes wild and everyone around is aware of that something is wrong.

The Operating Principle

The principle is plain and simple – behind the Fresnel Lens, a specially-treated annular-shaped surface, that makes the incoming light focus on a single point. So on the PIR-sensor inside of it , which is sensitive to the infrared lighting.

And the infrared lighting is the kind of lighting that we, warm-blooded, emit with our bodies. But it can be tricky sometimes because when it’s hot, the temperature of the environment could get to near the human body level, resulting in a number of false triggerings. And there are animals, which body temperatures are near the people’ ones.

And therefore modern PIR detector must have the Pet immunity and temperature compensation algorithm. And it’s all good here. And also, Hikvision claim that they have greatly reduced the probability of detecting different infrared and electromagnetic noises due to their IFT technology, which is one more plus on their side.


The specs are as follows. The maximum operating distance available between the motion detector and the AX Hub is 1600 meters. The detection range itself is 15 meters in front of the sensor 85.9 degrees FOV, which is almost a quarter of 360. So your detection view angle is something like this quarter:

That is why the best height to install it on is around 2-2.2 m, a bit above the human head level. What’s important – don’t install it facing the windows or the fireplace and don’t put any high objects in front of it… as they can just limit the view area….

Also, the battery in this guy will hold for as long as 5 years, your data is transmitted wirelessly over the 868. mhz. radio frequencies, and is protected due to the AES-128 encryption. And the AX Pro PIR sensor is immune to pets under 30 kilograms in weight and 40 cm. in height – it just ignores them.

Activation & Start-up

To start this guy up you, of course, need to have the AX Pro Hub up and running. And you need to have a Hik-connect app installed on your phone. From that moment – unscrew the single screw on a body top, then in the Hik-connect app open you Hub and go to second tab. Press add device button, scan a sensor’s qr-code, now toggle the switch on the sensor’s back – the LED there will blink with green 7 times and you will hear a prompt coming from Hub, saying that the PIR detector is added. Then you’ll hear and see a notification on top and you’re on the sensors settings screen. Go back and there you can arm the system with the PIR sensor.

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