IMOU Bullet Lite 4MP. Outdoor Wifi Camera Review – Finally 4MP! | Wifi + Wire | IPC-G42P

IMOU Bullet Lite 4MP Outdoor Wifi Camera Review: 4MP! / Wifi / Wire / IPC-G42P

When I see an orange IMOU branding on the box – I expect to find a good product inside…

This time is not an exception – IMOU Bullet Lite, finally a Quad HD 4-megapixel Outdoor Camera, that has all it needs to have be your next outdoor cam for a few years. Not going to stretch this one out – this will be day and night video quality demo, build, features, launch and activation. And then you can get it in our Pipl Systems Store, material by Daniel.


Main Features Overview: Camera

What you need to know about IMOU Bullet Lite 4MP. We’ll begin with the most important: the video. Finally, we’re moving on to 4 megapixel – 2560x1440p, which is Quad HD, 4x times an HD 720p, and this is the maximum quality recording, transmitted over the wired network connection:

What you can clearly see is the image “sharpness”, pointing out the big resolution, and I am intentionally zooming in to show a quality loss on a bigger distance.

Camera Characteristics/ Night View

20 FPS, 2.8 mm. focal length, resulting in a wide field of view in 123 degrees, making the recognition distance in around 40, up to 50 meters, and there is also a 3.6 mm. version lens, giving you narrower 95 degrees, but the recognition distance increases to 70, up to 80 meters. The night view – the declared night view distance is 30 meters. And due to the infrared lights here in combine with good quality recording you get a better results on night view too, considering the 30 meter distance view range.

Body Features Overview

What’s awesome is that you can go wired, the standard UTP-cable, and you can go wireless Wi-fi, and you can go both at once. And your Wifi connection is strengthen by the antenna sticking out of the body. Your power is 12V, the power supply comes along the box, and now let’s talk about the build. IMOU Bullet Lite 4 MP is made from metal, probably a famous these days aluminum-silicon alloy, known as silumin. The body features IP67 rate protection, making it stand nearly any weather, and if we unscrew the bottom lid – you will see that a microSD input and the reset button are sealed with the rubber around them, indicating the water and dust-tightness again. On the front we’ve got LED, camera lens and the microphon, that works quite OK, I suppose its operating range is around 2 – 5 meters, it isn’t powerful.

Storing Matter

Now the the storing matter. 4 MP. QHD video requires more storage, thank god it comes in 20 FPS, here with IMOU Bullet Lite you get 128 GB. microSD capacity support, and you have H.265 video compressing technology here implemented. It reduces the video file twice in compare to older H.264, without a video quality loss, so you have a great storing capabilities here. Though the real number of days stores, I mean a continuous non-stop 24 hours a day recording – it will be around, most likely, 6 days on 128 Gigs with 20 FPS and H.265 compression switched on.

Activation / Start-up

Now we are quickly going through the device start-up and activation – the power supply from the box to the outlet, the other end to the camera. While it’s turning on install the free IMOU app onto your phone, wait till the LED on cam blinks slowly with green, and then scan camera’s QR-code with the app. For wired connection it will start instantly, for a Wi-fi – you will need to wait till in connects to your wi-fi. But then – it is added to your account and now you can view it anytime from your phone remotely from anywhere.



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