Hikvision AX PRO Wireless Alarm System: AX PRO PIRCAM Detector Review – Features / Demo / Activation

Hikvision AX PRO PIRCAM Review

No need for comparisons and disputes about this one. PIR CAM detector of a new Hikvision AX PRO Alarm has
1 undeniable and critically vital advantage in compare to the network security cameras. Let’s get to it.


Until we get to what really matters about this guy, I want you and me to go through what Hikvision has to say about their device. And you see this? Hikvision admit they have a way smaller signal transmission range. Not the smallest one though.

Although, the part where they are absolutely ahead of everyone else is the number of photos in series – 20 opposed to 5, 8 and 7. But is it good at all? Okay, the number is bigger, everyone’s showing off by having something “ bigger. BUT! The practical utility?

What I mean is that it takes more time to transfer 20 photos then 5 photos, right? Like, 4 times more time it takes. And we are talking about an alert signal transmission time – the lower – the better, critically! BUT! We will put it to test of course, and on the bigger distance a bit further.


AX PRO PIR CAM: Main Things

Briefly about the technology core – how it does what it does. We went through this in the AX PRO PIR detector material, so I’m not stretching this out. You are warm-blooded, I am worm-blooded – due to this fact we emit a certain kind of lighting. Specifically, the infrared lighting. And our friend PIR Sensor designed that way to spot that emitting. In 2 words – behind the plastic Fresnel’ lens there is an infrared-light sensitive element, the PIR sensor itself, and it’s just able to distinct all the environment objects from the person and animals. And also sun, and fireplace, but that’s it. So the installation rules are – don’t ever install it facing the window or a fireplace, and don’t put any high objects in front of it – you don’t want the sensor’s view sight to be blocked by something. The recommended installation height is from 1.8 up to 2.4 m. with an average in 2.1, a bit above the average person’s head.


 Alright, you just want to know if this is a good thing to get for yourself. And yes it is, I insist! Unlike regular PIR sensor, what PIR CAM offers is, as you can guess, taking photos on an event – on a PIR sensor triggering.

The camera shutter takes series of up to 20 photos in a row, and then it sends it to the AX Hub, along with the alert signal via radio frequencies, and from there they go to the Hik-connect App on your phone via network.

And they come in 3 available resolutions. Of course, the bigger it is – the more time it takes to deliver them to you.

Demo & Specs

It is durable, it was designed to serve you for as long as 6 years, and this number means something. There’s literally 3 batteries here, you won’t find such in other sensors. The operating range is 8 m., which is not bad and not the best, remember that table from material beginning? Below, not accurate I’m showing a transmission on a bigger distance and even the data transmission through the floor.

Anyway, 800 oposite to 1700 means a faster alert signals transmission. The detection range itself is 12 meters in front of the sensor, opposite to 15 for a regular PIR, but you have the same 85.9 degrees field of view, which is almost a quarter of 360. Your detection view angle looks something like this:

It has a plenty of other nice features – more reliable 868 mhz. frequencies signal transmission, pet immunity for a pets under 30 kilograms in weight and 40 cm. in height – it just ignores them. The temperature compensation algorithm, meaning a more precise treat recognition and the reduced number of false triggerings, caused by the environment temperature change. Also there’s different technologies like IFT, that reduces a different infrared and electromagnetic noises recognition, and the data is protected due to the AES-128 encryption.

Activation / Start-up

Okay, to start this one up you need to have AX PRO Hub up and running, online and having the access to network, and you need to have Hik-connect app installed on your phone. With activated Hub in there, unscrew the single screw on a body top. Now in the Hik-connect app open you Hub and go to second tab, press add device button. scan a sensor’s qr-code. now toggle the switch on the sensor’s back. The LED will blink with green 7 times and you will hear a prompt coming from Hub, saying that the PIR detector is added, also you’ll see a notification on top, and you’re on the sensors’ settings screen. Now you go back, and there you can arm the system with the PIR CAM active.

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