Ring Always Flying Drone Home Security Camera — Amazon’s Drone Cam in Your House?

Ring Always – Flying Home Drone Cam

On Amazon’s annual Alexa hardware event, its subsidiary Ring announced a flying home drone-camera. If you were wondering where does the video surveillance market goes next, well, here’s your answer, and we’re talking about the home security appliance. The flying all over your house Ring Wi-fi drone-camera, Marty and doc. Brown would have been stunned.

There is no way to surprise pros in our market, but companies always need to surprise us, customers, because the market is huge! And everyone looks the same, they all have the same features. You need to stand out! Draw attention to your product. You know how “Killer Feature” principle works – exclusivity and uniqueness, that no one else has. Ring Always Flying home Wifi drone-camera. A pretty nice aesthetic and modern-looking base station that launches a camera into the air by the event.

The events are: alarm-intrusion, scheduled property patrolling, or you have actuated it to fly across a specific route, which is pre-set by you beforehand. Yep, unfortunately, we can only set the pathways in advance, no any manual control. And for the privacy concerns – It rests in the base station all the time and the camera is physically blocked by the base body. Accordingly, it will only start recording after it leaves the Hub, and plusm Ring made it produce a certain hum when flying and recording, so you will always be aware of your Ring Always cam status.

Well, the home security cameras segment went through a pile of innovations over the past 10 years. It all started from wireless Wi-fi and cellular network cameras, and then we saw different bells and whistles like robotic PT-cameras, these 360×90 degrees cams. Then battery-powered outdoor Wifi cameras came out, and eventually it got to monsters like active deterrence cameras with huge floodloght and loud speakers.

Other Worthy Cameras

This one’s IMOU Floodlight Cam. Accordingly to word “active”, these are the cameras that do something do protect your property. More specifically – they literally hit the burglar’s face with 3 thousand lumens and launches quite a loud alarm siren to inform everyone around that something went wrong. And of course, you can join the party as you’ve got there a 2-way audio. Like 3-in-1 camera.

Home security cameras are a great solution. They are not expensive, you can get more or less normal camera starting from 30$. Truly – that’s a very low price for a security and feeling yourself calm.

Why Do You Need It?

The problem that Ring is chasing to solve sounds like this: “I have a few Indoor Cams from Ring in my home, but sometimes I would leave the house and couldn’t remember if I’d left a window open, and wished I had a camera there” And you can definitely just add a few more cameras to your setup and cover all these controversial zones, and that would certainly cost more, I suppose it would have been more profitable for Ring. But no, they came up with better solution – why don’t you remotely check everything you want to check personally without the need to walk? Isn’t that awesome? I mean, did I shut the windows, closed the door, switched off the iron, is the oven turned off, is there a water leak? How are my children doing, where’s my dog? Would have been great if it was able to even walk my dog. There’s a plenty of applications, and surprisingly, the price is not overwhelming – 250$. The same money they ask for Ring floodlight cam, and I hope you agree with me on that it priced OK, accordingly to the fact that this is something absolutely new for the home surveillance market. But you know what – Ezviz and IMOU cameras that we have for you offer the same features, but cheaper, with local storage and on Pipl Systems anywhere in the world, regardless of the region.

So, Ring’s announcement video. Ring, are you serious? Do you think that is how a burglar is going to act? I mean, the guy dared to commit a crime. He is not wearing a mask, gas no weapon, and he is easily frightened off with a flying camera that won’t stand even a single hit? I think think is what’s going to happen. It isn’t the “Home Alone” Christmas movie. I also enjoy a lot of the users’ reactions under the video-announcement: “I honestly checked to make sure it wasn’t April Fools for this one”, then we have an approval from the Jesus Christ, whatever that would mean. “Ring Flying Camera versus Cat! Who will win?!”. “Why does this remind me of a Black Mirror episode?” I’m curious to see how it will work in real life conditions against real life circumstances after the release next year.

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