Hikvision Door Phones Are Finally Standalone Trough New Firmware KV6113 / KV8113 / KV8213 [PREVIEW]

Hikvision Door Phones Are Finally Standalone Trough New Firmware!
Available to KV6113 / KV8113 / KV8213 / KV8413

We’ve got a new firmware update for the Hikvision Door Phones that we have anticipated so much, because this just had to happen, it just felt wrong that there was no such a functionality. I mean, Wi-Fi door phones with P2P support, which are eventually displayed in the Hik-connect phone app, but only through an intercom monitor. And a lot of people asked Hikvision for this. So, thanks to the added functionality in the last firmware update – you no longer need an intercom monitor to use the full functionality of the door station and to display the device in Hik-connect on your phone – no more. And in the Pipl Systems Store we have for you all that you might need for your video surveillance system, including these door stations and many else.

Setting Things Up

We supply the power and network to the device through a single twisted pair cable coming from a PoE-switch, as the devices are PoE-enabled. Next up we need a PC with 1 out of 3 tools. Either the manufacturer’s IVMS4200 / SADP Tool / the Batch Configurator. Personally I use the Batch Configurator. Go to “Device Management” tab → press “Online devices ” to discover all online devices under your network → Locate your door stations and activate them. Come up with the password and assign it an address in your network, because it comes under a “0” subnet from the factory. To see your subnet address for the windows you need “View network properties”. Find your adapter in the list and locate the address of your PC, and respectively, take the number from there and the subnet number. Then update device’s ip-address with a new subnet number.

Now the firmware upgrade. For this purpose I am using device’s web interface. Go to the browser and enter door phone’s IP-address into the search bar → log in with the data you have created on the activation stage → go straight into the configuration tab → System → Maintenance → last item there is the update → click on it and locate a previously downloaded digicap.dav firmware file. After it reaches 100% it will prompt that it needs to restart – agree with that, it’s important, and it’s done. Since the calling panel is now updated, activated and online – go directly to the Demo on the phone with Hik-connect app on it

Demonstration (Available on YouTube)

In fact, all that we’ve done is we activated the panel, assigned it the correct address in our network and updated the firmware. Then we add it to the Hik-connect app on the phone with a light hand movement, and what’s awesome – no any extra actions. You just scan the QR-code, OK, and that’s it – the door station is now in your account. The thing is that earlier it literally didn’t work. Nor the code scanning or the manual adding a device did nothing. It could have only be added via the intercom monitor. And now boom – and that’s all. And well, inside of the app everything is common and classic: live view, opening the door, taking screenshot and recording a video and so on. And what’s left to be done – go to settings and turn on the notifications. This is actually the final and most important step that will make everything work. So what it does? Full autonomy and independence from the monitor. Everything you need is now here on the phone – press the button on the doorbell to call, the door is opened from the phone as well. 2-way communication from here, like, everything, but with no monitor

What’s left is to only wait for the release of this firmware, because now this is a preview, it’s not public yet. Will be soon, and as soon as this “Soon” comes – you will be notified about that on our YouTube channel and on our website’s blog. And you can also get these door station on our Pipl Systems Store with 10% from now.

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