Hikvision NEW IP Intercom Kits Review: DS-KIS603-P & DS-KIS604-S Featuring KV6113 and KV8113 & Setup

Hikvision New IP Intercom Kits Review: DS-KIS603-P &
DS-KIS604-S Featuring KV6113 and KV8113 + Set-up

Kits are convenient. Basically, it’s a turnkey solution right out of the box. Entry-level, yes, but the convenience is obvious anyway adn there is a buyer. This time we are reviewing, testing and comparing 2 sets of Hikvision IP Video Intercom Bundles, consisting of 2 different outdoor panels, but with the same intercom monitor in the kit. Hikvision DS-KIS603-P & Hikvision DS-KIS604-S. What’s the difference between them and how are they convenient? By the way, on the Pipl Systems Store you an get these intercom bundles, cameras, video recorders and many else.

Characteristics & Video Quality Demo

So what you get. The DS-KIS603-P kit includes the KV6113WPE1 doorphone and the KH6320WTE1-W intercom monitor. The second DS-KIS604-S kit includes the KV8113WME1 doorphone and the same KH6320WTE1-W intercom monitor. Also, all devices here support Wi-Fi. Since the only difference in sets lies in different outdoor stations – I think it is correct to compare the outdoor panels themselves, and then we will go over the interaction of both panels with the monitor. Functional differences begin with the material – plastic for the younger 6113, and an aluminum frame with plastic inside for the 8113. This indicates the protection of the body itself. Both panels are rated IP65, which indicates a complete dustproofness and the protection from rain, though not a long period.

But due to such a body, in bigger 8113 there is a certain level of protection against external impact – IK08, which indicates the protection against impact with a force of up 5 joules, equal to a fall of 1,7 kilos from a height of 300mm. On top of 8113 we have 3 indicators against 2 at 6113 doorphone, and the ability to insert a name tag into the bigger one. The camera module on both panels is 2-megapixel 1080p with a recording speed of 25 FPS, with the same view angle of 129 horizontally by 75 vertically. And let’s look at the difference in video quality, which in theory, shouldn’t be at all. And this is fair. I didn’t set up the video any of the ways on any of them, you see everything right from out the box.

Characteristics #2

Microphone on KV6113 and KV8113, speakers for both. Also, both doorphones have IR night vision illumination, located behind the plastic near the card reading area, providing 3 meters of visibility for both. BLC, DNR, WDR for both. The scanner for Mifare RFID cards and a single call button on each, but with 8113 there are 2 more versions with 2 and 4 buttons. On the back we have terminals: power supply, MicroSD input for 6113 model and for 8113 with the support for cards up to 128 GB. for both, as well as Tamper buttons on both door stations. Now about the terminals and interfaces – both doorphones support PoE, which makes them able to be powered on and supplied with network by a single twisted pair cable from the switch or the injector to the RJ45 port.

As we reached the network matter – both doorphones support wi-fi on 2.4G frequencies. Of the interfaces there is a RS-485 for both, 4 alarm inputs for both, 1x ground on each. Interfaces for locks and 12V power in. Operating temperatures are the identical for both door stations – from -40 to +55 Celsius. To summarize – the real difference lies in the body build itself, where the older model offers more protection, as well as more variations to choose from – 1, 2 and 4 call buttons. But in addition, in the younger model only the surface installation is assumed, while in 8113 you can also count on flush installation.

Intercom Monitor Overview (Watch on YouTube)

Within the kit we have identical monitor for both panels, which is a 7-inch touchscreen DS-KH6320WTE1. It has microphone and speaker, Wi-fi support onboard, as well as the network via twisted pair cable, through which you can also supply power due to the PoE feature, or you can get here 12V. An input for MicroSD cards up to 32GB and the terminals.

On the right side from bottom to top – ground and then 8 inputs for alarm. On the left we have RS-485 interface, and then 2 interfaces for locks. All that remains to showcase is the interaction of the monitor with the user, and with the Hik-connect phone app – and it’s all the same for both door stations, so I hope you don’t mind that I show it all on 1 bundle.

Demo: Activation & Set-up

Starting the monitor and the doorphone from a scratch, supplying the network and power from a PoE switch, activating the monitor and the door station straight from the monitor…

Kits is a convenience. This is a ready-made entry-level solution right out of the box, and when paired with the monitor – we can on place activate all devices on the monitor itself, set them the correct addresses in our network and make them fully operating, and then even with no unnecessary hassle display them in Hik-connect on the phone. This is a convenience. And in our Pipl Systems Store we got all parts that you might need for your security system, including these intercom bundles, cameras, video recorders and much else.

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