Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal Compared to iPhone X [DS-K1T606M]

I remember in my childhood I’ve dreamt of those James Bond devices and different spies and thieves techniques. Remember those big fullmetal hard and round, extremely big strongbox doors leading to the money storage area? They usually featured a face, an eye retina or a finger recognition process to get in. And when I was a kid I’ve dreamt to have those devices and dreamt to see them in an everyday life in a nearby future. But the childhood is gone and I’m thankful for that I had it, and anyways, this intended to be your shield, it ain’t a toy. And this is why we’re comparing this specific function to the one built in iPhone X. Because even though we are so worried of our privacy, the face recognition feature in iPhone is a convenient function, but that is a toy as we still have passwords in our memory, and there’s is no devices able to get in our thoughts yet. It’s about our own attentiveness.

Now let’s compare face recognition function speed and the accuracy of the recognising itself. Also, I’ll remind you that iPhone’s face capacity is only 2 faces, while Hikvision’s terminal indicator is 3 000 faces. Anywas, it isn’t correct to compare these as the Hikvision Terminal being installed on the offices doors, but the iPhone X is a personal device. What’s unusuall for a Hikvsion, you don’t need any SADP tool, no any IVMS or the Hik-connect, Ezviz Studio to activate and set up the device. Everything is being done directly on the terminal’s touch screen.

  • 5.0 inch LCD touch screen. The IPhone X is a 5.8 inches. Almost Equal.
  • 2 MP wide-angle lens. Well yeah, 2 megapixels 1080p, anyway works only if you got closer to it
  • The Face Recognition work distance is between 0.3 meters to 1 meter
  • The processor here has integral deep learning algorithm as an operating basement.
  • Holds inside it a 3000 faces and 5000 fingerprints
  • Takes about ≤ 1s per person to recognize a face
  • Recognition accuracy is ≥ 99%. Also, here is mentioned a second model, able to two-step verificate you both via the face and finger scan. Like in the old movies, the burglar have to take a scalp off your face and also cut off your finger to get in.
  • Stand-alone operations
  • Catches all of the intrance attendances: check in, check out, break out, break in and others,
  • Supports RS-485 protocol for external card reader
  • Wiegand protocol
  • Can be connected to a secured smart door and lock ot in case the terminal is destroyed
  • Protection rate here is iP65, which is a dust-tight and a very little water spilled on it protection. Still, it won’t stand a direct hit.

It is awesome these devices are getting in our life. Ten, twenty years ago it was unimaginable to have this stuff within our regular things. Now it is available to everyone. And it is an awesome replacement for a standard-type old-fashioned metal key lock, because we all know the classic lock disadvantages like loosing a key and a time to turn it and open the door.

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