How To Connect Dahua, Hikvision, Uniview IP Cameras To Ajax Systems Easy & Fast

Today we’ll uncover a topic: “How to connect & tie up any Hikvision, Dahua or Uniview camera to the Ajax Systems App and your Ajax Account fast and simple”. By the way, Ajax System’s sensors, Dahua, Hikvision and Uniview Cameras are available on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂

Why Do You Need This Article?

In our age of complexity we specifically want things to get easier. There’s a tons of apps on our phones, a lot of different brands’ devices in our homes, and we are forced to switch betwen them due to a lack of alternatives.

Well now there is one, and you’re not anymore entailed to switch devices ecosystems. We are really satisfied that Ajax Systems keeps adding a support for other companie’s devices. That means if you have either Uniview, Hikvision, Dahua cameras or NVR’s, you can tie all of that up inside of a single place, which is a tasty-made Ajax Systems App.

Cameras Activation In Ajax App

You got to have your Ajax Hub already connected to power and internet, activated and added to your account in Ajax App. And we got here a Uniview, Dahua, and Hikvision Cameras, all activated and powered on too.

And to mention, these are a mid-level professional equipment and they require to be activated via manufacturer tools, like SADP tool and IVMS for Hikvision, Config Tool and IDMSS for Dahua and the rest. We got a video-instructions how to do that on your own here.

Dahua IP Camera

  1. Power on the camera (wired or PoE)
  2. Activate the camera via ConfigTool, Dahua Web Interface or Batch Configuration
  3. Go to Ajax App’ dashboard screen
  4. Press «add device», «add camera», pick Dahua
  5. Name the camera, scan a QR-code on it, assign it to a room
  6. Input the user name and password, that you’ve used to activate the camera first time
  7. Done! Now you’re able to live view your Dahua camera straight from the Ajax App!

Hikvision IP Camera

Hikvision camera adding differs a bit. Here you got to start from a video surveillance tab. And what’s unusual – your Hikvision IP camera have to be added to Ezviz service first of all.

  1. Power on the camera (wired or PoE)
  2. Activate the camera via SADP tool or Hikvision Web Interface (see video here)
  3. Get Ezviz phone app or Ezviz Studio PC Software, sign in / create account
  4. Add Hikvision camera to Ezviz app via QR-code scanning or searching a subnet for activated devices
  5. Go into Ajax app → pick the bottom «Surveillance» tab
  6. Press «+» icon, pick Hikvision, you’ll be redirected to Ezviz sign in page
  7. Sign in to your Ezviz account, the new record with your Ezviz account will appear in Ajax app
  8. Go into main Ajax dashboard screen
  9. Press «add device», «add camera», pick Hikvision
  10. In a new menu name your camera, select your Ezviz account, select a camera under that account
  11. Input the data, used to activate this camera, assign a room
  12. Done! Now you’re able to live view your Dahua camera straight from the Ajax App!

On top there’s also an RTSP-protocol button, under which you can add other manufacturer’s cameras to the Ajax Systems different from the brands named earlier, and which sustain RTSP-protocol. Notice that cameras you want to add have to be activated already via manufacturer’s software.



It’s really cool you can assign all of your security devices to a single place and then manage everything from a single app. This is quite a neccessary thing in our age of complexity – to withdraw from a complexity and approach a simplicity, and we’re pleased that Ajax Systems let us do that. You can get Ajax, Dahua or Uniview devices on the Pipl Systems Store 🙂 And by the way…

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