Hikvision Fingerprint Access Control Terminal + Ivms-4200 Fingerprints Enroll Guide

Today we are reviewing Hikvision Video Access Control Terminal of a DS-K1T500 Series, and the marking of this particular device we have is DS-K1T500SF, that features some very awesome stuff, like finger, card, and QR-code authentication ways, which is great, because I love to have as much options available as possible, and of course we’re going to setup all those options real-time (featured in video), connect it to a reader module and an Indoor Station Monitor to show you how that is done, and thus let’s get to review. Hikvision DS-K1T500SF Fingerprint Access Terminal, fingerprint reader module and Intercom Monitor are available on a Pipl Systems Store Website officialy within a worldwide delivery 🙂

Unboxing & Appearance

This is a professional equipment and thus the box contents is not the point here. Though, what you gonna find inside of the box is the:

  • Terminal device;
  • Bracket for the on-wall installation;
  • Hexagon screwdriver;
  • User’s manual;
  • Quick start guide;
  • Pack of screws and anchors;
  • Three communication wires( will reveal each one’s intend further);

Regarding the exact device, first thing I want to highlight is that it feels very solid, and the body here is metal, as it stands under a IP65 protection rate. There’s a microphone hole on a front, and a speaker on the downside, thus we conclude we have here a two-way audio feature. Below mic, there’s the exact 1080p camera module with an infrared light option. LED-indicator, fingerprint scanner, card swiping area and two buttons on a bottom, where a chime one is a doorbell button, and next to it we got a voice talk button.

The most interesting stuff happens on the backside of device, let’s get it open now here you have a control unit, a DIP-switch that lets us contol the device’s roles, where, for an instance, number six is a card reader or a terminal mode switch. Here’s the RJ-forty five LAN-cable input, twelve bolts power supply input, serial port, alarm input, door-lock and RS four eighty five, sim card slot, wiegand protocol input and up to hundred twenty eight gigabytes microSD card slot.

DS-K1T500SF Specifications

  • Video Access Terminal
  • Camera: 2MP / 1080P, IR Light
  • Mifare Cards Support
  • Card Capacity: 50 000
  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 5 000
  • QR-code Authentication
  • Event Capacity: 200 000
  • Lock and Alarm Output Interfaces
  • Built-in Microphone & Speaker
  • IP65 Protection Rate
  • Power Supply: DC 12V/1A
  • Fingerprint Recognition Time: 1.5s
  • Supported MicroSD Capacity: 128GB
  • Doorbell Button, Door Sensor, Alarm, Tamper-Proof Switch, Exit Button Input Interfaces



The Video Access Control Terminal we have is able to let users in by the means of a fingerprint, card or a QR-code. As we’ve state before, this is great to have such many options due to a wider possibilities – different users are having unique indentifiers and we’re always able to view an events log and be aware of which user have used a terminal and in which time he did. And owing to QR-code feature we’re able to create a disposable entry codes for a one time use. The device is capable of storing a 200 000 event records, 50 000 cards and 5 000 fingerprints.

That’s a lot! Also this camera module can detect faces in a live mode, snapshot those faces and even record a videos, after what write it onto an inputted microSD card with a 128 GB maximum capacity. It isn’t PoE-type, but it isn’t much of a disadvantage here, because this is a wired device in all means. There’s a 2-way audio due to a mic and a speaker here, MiFare cards support, remote door opening and a conjunction within smart electrical and magnet locks.


Activation & Set up Part 1

Let’s imagine, the case is: we need to make a two-way entry and exit through a one entrance door, and we need to have a one device to monitor and control that, that is why we have here an Indoor Staion Monitor to view and control the devices, and a fingerprint plus card reader module to install indoors to be able to exit a room via fingerprint or a card. First of all, we are powering the devices on and connecting them all within themselves.

We connected a Terminal to internet via RJ-45, powered it on with 12 volts power suply adapter, and via TS-485 tied it within a fingerprint reader module, powered from 12V power adapter too. An intercom monitor wee have supports PoE, thus we powered it on and connected it to internet with a one LAN-cable. We have already activated the devices in SADP tool and now we’re launching IVMS-4200 on a PC to set them all up.

  1. Go into IVMS, locate your terminal device
  2. Click terminal to highlight it and press “remote configuration”
  3. Go to “General” and change its name to 100101, save (according to manufacturer’s instruction)
  4. Click Monitor to highlight it and press “remote configuration”
  5. Go into “Network” and then to “Linked Network Configuration”
  6. Type in a Terminal’s ip-adress (viewed on IVMS main device screen) into a Door Station IP Address field
  7. Repeat for “Sip Server IP Address” field, save

Activation & Set up Part 2

Now we’re creating a company and an employee, create a fingerprint, card adn QR-code for him.

  1. In the IVMS go to Control Panel tab, locate “Access control” and press it;
  2. In the left column press “Add” and create a company and name it;
  3. Above a main field on the right click “add” to create an employee;
  4. Input all the required information like name,birth date, phine number etc.;
  5. Under a “credential” and “card” tabs press “add” button;
  6. In the appeared menu select “Access Control” and pick and “Entrance Card Reader” next to it (Or the one you have);
  7. Press “Read” and now touch the reader’s area with a Mifare card (It may say there’s error occured but it doesn’t matter);
  8. Our card was read, press “OK” to save;
  9. To add a fingerprint press a “fingerprint” under credential tab. press “remote collection”;
  10. Press “select device” and pick your device – “OK”, now pick a finger by clicking in in the IVMS;
  11. Terminal will ask you to press a finger to fingerprint module area multiple times untill you hear a success message;
  12. Press “stop”, go back to card tab and press fingerprint emblem under “Link fingerprint”, select a fingerprint you’ve just collected;
  13. From here you can also generate a QR-code and then save it to your phone so you can authenticate wih it;
  14. Press ‘OK”, now you see a new person was added to that board ;
  15. To give user a permission go to 3rd tab in a left column with a key emblem on it;
  16. Press “add”, name it and tick all boxes you see there, then press right arrov symbol between boards to transfer data, “OK”;
  17. A software will ask you to apply of recline changes, apply and wait unti the data is loaded into your terminal;
  18. Done!

Hikvision Fingerprint Access


A very high-end awesome device from a professional segment equipment, letting us use both Access Terminal along with the video Intercom functionality. Regarding access functionality we can input a fingerprints, cards and QR-codes, regarding intercom we’re able to initiate video calls owing to a built-in camera, microphone and a speaker. The device is able to detect faces, take snapshots, record videos and store that on a microSD cards, it can conjunct with locks, doors, intercom monitors, readers and has an IP-65 protection rate. Get Hikvision DS-K1T500SF Fingerprint Access Terminal, fingerprint reader module and Intercom Monitor officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website within a worldwide delivery 🙂

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