IMOU Floodlight 3-in-1 Cam (IPC-L26P) Review – Why Active
Deterrence Camera Is the Best For Protecting your home?

It is really bright and loud, and will most likely frighten off the burglar. And you will be left with a video recording of an incident with a great lighting conditions on a video, that will make the intruder recognition way easier – that’s the point. Active Deterrence Wifi Outdoor Camera IMOU Floodlight Cam IPC-L26P – we will tell you and show you all that we know about it in Pipl Systems Store, my name’s Daniel.

What is it? Overview

By the “Active Deterrence Camera” term, in regard to video surveillance, we mean the cameram, that acts more actively to prevent the crime from happeningm unlike regular security camera, which is only able to record a video and alert you in case of spotting a motion – that can be called passive mode. On the other hand, in IMOU Floodlight Cam and similar cameras there is an Active Deterrence mode, which is actuated by the PIR sensor triggering – by spotting the motion. It launches the floodlights to blind the intruder, launches siren to deafen him with the noise, and also informs everyone around that something went wrong. And if you want to join the party – you can do that remotely from your phone with your own voice due to the 2-way audio feature and the loudspeaker built in camera.

IMOU Floodlight: Body Features Overview / Video Test

Concerning the camera itself – the body is made from a soft metal, I suppose it’s a famous aluminum-silicon alloy, that makes the body more corrosion-resistant, which is nice, and due to that we’ve got here an IP65 protection rate, making it stand many different weather conditions in the long-term run. On the body we’ve got 3 bulging out main elements – 2 floodlights and the camera module with brain. The position of all 3 elements on the box are adjustable and we can loosen the valves on body and rotate the floodlights horizontally for almost 180 degrees. The same thing we can do with main module – a 180 horizontally, and 180 vertically – that’s nice , although we cannot adjust the incline angle of the floodlights, and I would really like to have such a possibility.

Now the brains and camera – 2.8 millimeter 1080P FullHD camera lens, and here is how it looks:

The first thing that caught my attention was quite a wide field of view in 137 degrees. Concerning the rest, well, I don’t want to undervalue IMOU. Ring offers the same 1080p floodlight camera as well, but yet, I don’t know why higher level cameras like this one are still stuffed with 1080p camera lens.

Features Overview

Back to the body and features – microphone above the camera, LED-indicator for status. Then it’s quite a large PIR-sensor with just extreme field of view in 270 degrees, covering a 10 meter distance around the camera, which is Wow, Next is the 110 decibel loudspeaker on the side, where a 110 decibel are equivalent to the riveting machine, or a live rock concert (that’s what they say). Frankly speaking, come on, it is far from that, but it certainly cannot be called quiet.

Let’s continue – if we turn the cap on top, we will get the access to the reset button and microSD input for the memory cards with up to 256 gigs capacity, and, in combine with H.265 video compressing technology here in IMOU Floodlight Cam – you get a video file reduced twice in compare to older H.264, without a video quality loss, that makes just a great video storing capabilities for us. Now the floodlights. Watch this, here’s how the footage from an IMOU Floodlight camera looks at night with floodlights off:

Activation / Start-up

The basement in camera contains a power supply unit inside of it. Unlike other IMOU cameras, the power we need to make this one work is a 100 to 240V alternating current. Since the power supply unit is already built into the basement, what you need to get additionally is the power cord, that they don’t put in the box, I don’t know why. Here’s how it goes after you got the cable:

Unscrew the upper body part – there’s only a single screw holding it, plug the blue and brown lines in accordance with a scheme, get the cable out and isolate it before closing. Plug the power into the outlet. While the camera starts up – install the free IMOU app onto your phone, wait till the LED on cam lights with green, and then scan camera’s QR-code with the app. Wait till it connects to your wi-fi, and it is added to your account and now you can remotely view it anytime from your phone, access switching floodlight on and off, use the siren, 2-way talk annnd control the camera by all means.

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