AJAX Alarm System Review: AJAX HUB 2 PLUS – Long-awaited Features Update!

AJAX Alarm System Review: AJAX HUB 2 PLUS – The Big Expansion!

It’s been a year since the last update in Ajax Hub line, the release of Ajax Hub 2 in September 2019, and it was just a matter of time when we will get Ajax Hub 2 Plus version. Here it is, looks the same, but feels different and has a plenty of updates under the hood. We will glance through the changes done, compare the Hub 2 Plus to all previous Hubs, connect, activate and conclude. Pipl Systems Store, my name’s Daniel.

Hardware / Box Contents

It’s the same on the outside – hard plastic, rounded edges, the LED behind Ajax logo, within the box you get power cord, pack with screws and anchors, and the quick start guide. On the rear under the back lid, which is also a mounting bracket, you will find functional elements: power in, ethernet cable input and 2 slots for micro sim-cards, able to operate in 3G and 4G networks. And this is the killer feature – in total of 4 channels for data transmission: cable, Wi-fi and 2 independent sim-cards supporting LTE, and it’s really nice to have so many backup channels. There’s also power button, tamper button and the QR-code to activate the Hub in phone app.

Features Overview

Substantially, the biggest feature that Hub 2 brought is the support for Ajax MotionCam, a device that combines a PIR sensor and Photo Camera, where PIR sensor triggering launches the camera that takes series of up to 5 photos in 640×480 resolution and then sends it to the Hub via radio frequencies for as far as 1700 m., and then via ethernet you receive those photos in Ajax phone app. Also, along with Hub 2 launch, Ajax backed it with new OS update for Hubs that added scenarios, and Ajax Hub 2 Plus doubles the number and makes 64 scenarios support. Those could be an auto arming and disarming the security system or a certain groups by schedule. It can control the activation of a smoke machine in case of intrusion, cut power supply and turn on emergency lighting in case of fire, or cut the water in case of water leak. It makes Hub 2 Plus be able to control lights, electric locks, and roller shutters and many other things.

Ajax Hubs Comparison / The Numbers

The numbers demonstrate the situation better than words do. Here‘s the comparison table, that clearly defines the Hub 2 Plus intention – to provide a bigger system’s scale. 200 devices connected at once to Hub 2 Plus, opposite to 150 for Hub Plus, and 100 for Regular Hub.

Activation / Start-up

With Ajax Systems’ appliance you get a plug and play device from the box – supply the power to it with cable from the box and get the network to it as well via the standard UTP cable, that is not included in the box. Press the power button located under the back lid, install free Ajax app onto your phone, wait till the LED behind the logo lights with green. Back to rear part where you scan QR-code from the Ajax app on the phone, and then it is added to your account and now you can access it remotely anytime from your phonem and this is actually your remote control for every process happening in the system.

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