2-wire Ip Video Intercom From Bas-ip Overview: Demo, Instruction & Wiring

BAS IP Retrofit 2-Wire Intercom Demo

2-wire video intercom systems remain demanded as long as there are so many houses left with old wiring in the walls, which is indeed quite problematic to replace. Therefore our friends from BAS-IP UK came up with a solution to address the issue. A so-called “RetroFit” video intercom system, allowing us to get the benefits of IP network-type system but with old wiring, and with no replacements done. Today you are going to learn what it is, how does it work and how to make it work for you. My name is Daniel, Pipl Systems Store.

What you see above is a common application scenario. The indoor monitor and the outdoor video door phone. The trick is that we have 2 converters on both ends of 2 lines – SWO1 and SWO2

The door phone is powered with 12V PSU, so as the master converter, but with 48V power supply. So basically, what happens here is that the video and audio data comes from the door phone to master converter 1 via standard UTP-cable → that data is converted that way to make it able to be transmitted over 2 lines and plus power, and then it is converted back to its original state. And from SWO2 converter the video and audio data goes to the monitor along with power, since the slave converter provides PoE, unlike the master SWO1. We can also swap the positions of monitor and door phone with no any other changes applied. So, this way you will get a Door Phone powered via PoE, and a power supply for monitor as well.

The Operating Range Matter

Maximum distance between the converter and the door phone or a monitor reaches from up tp 60 to 100 meters

The limit of distance between 2 switches is up to 30 meters.


From the moment when the system is online, here is where we get to awesome features due to that the system is based on Android OS. The manufacturer emphasizes that you can use the AT-07L monitor as a middle link between you and other 3rd-party video surveillance, security and smart home related devices, some kind of a Hub where you have it all

Devices Overview: Door Phone

A few words about the door phone and the monitor: AV-04FD calling panel unit is designed to be flush mounted, while the AV-04SD is intended for surface mounting. Aluminum face plate, body was built to match IP65 protection rate and to be vandal-resistant. 720p HD camera module with LED’s around it to light up a scene at night. 125 degrees FOV, speaker, single call button with backlight and the microphone below it. On the rear part we’ve got 12V power in and RJ-45 for ethernet, that you can use for PoE if you got a switch, and you also have the terminals to connect within different peripherals like electromagnetic, electromechanical locks, exit buttons and et cetera.

Intercom Monitor

The monitor is pretty nice, comes in 3 different colors: silver, gold and black to fit well between your furnishing color. Good thing is that within the box you get 2 brackets for surface and flush mounting, and by the way there are magnets in here on the rear to make is as convenient as it can be. AT-07L is an intercom monitor, made from aluminum and glass on front, Plastic rear. 7-inch 1024×600 LCD touch screen, and what’s behind the screen is an android 6.0 based system, powered from 12V power supply or due to the PoE feature. We can get here up to 9 door phones at once, 8 additional monitors, 8 alarm sensor and up to 32 IP cameras, where 4 of them can be viewed at once on a single screen. The maximum microSD capacity supported is 32 gigs, on which we can store photos, videos and audio files.

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