NEW Wireless Hikvision AX PRO Alarm System 2020: Essential Sensors Kit Overview & Sensors’ Features

NEW Wireless Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System: Essential Sensors Kit Overview

Your interaction with this New Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System starts with the Hik-connect phone app your remote control for the whole system. I’ve got there a Hikvision AX Pro Main Unit, to which I have linked the classic PIR sensor for motion detection, the PIR Cam, that takes and sends you a series of photos on triggering, the magnet-based door opening detector, and the Outdoor Alarm Siren. Plus I’ve got the network camera to link within the specific sensor, that will allow me to rapidly switch to live video and to see the event recording. My name is Daniel, Pipl Systems Store.

Hikvision AX Pro Hub is what we begin with. At the launch there will be 2 versions, the one I have now is the advanced “M” version.

  1. AX Pro Hub: the intent. AX Pro Hub manages and maintains the wireless communication via radio frequencies between and all sensors, detectors and peripherals that you throw into the system. The maximum range of such a transmission form here is 2 000 meters, while the least is 8 000
  2. Continuing the communication subject – with AX Pro you get 4 communication channels between you and the Hub. Common wired internet connection, Wi-fi and 2 sim-cards, working in either 4G or 3G networks, which is really nice to have so many backup channels
  3. The maximum number of devices you can connect to 1 Hub at once is 210. That includes: 96 wireless input appliances: detectors, sensors, buttons and wireless output devices. Then, you can get here 6 wireless indoor and outdoor sounders or sirens, 4 wireless repeaters, or signal range extenders, 8 keypads and tag readers, and finally – 48 key fobs and 48 RFID tags for 48 users, including 1 admin and 1 installer. In total – 2 hundred and 10 different devices to connect within.

  1. Network cameras integration, which is expected from one of the world’s largest CCTV products and surveillance cameras in particular manufacturer. But a very nice thing Hikvision did is that except Hikvision’s cameras support they let us connect other 3rd-party cameras to this new Alarm System due to the ONVIF protocol. And basically, that means that you can get it to work with AXIS, Dahua, Uniview and so much more of other cameras of other brands because ONFIV support is indeed common among all modern IP-cameras.
  2. Nice extras. That includes: voice prompt on the AX Pro Hubб which reports of every status change by the means of audio – system armed, disarmed, alarm event occurred and many other minor ones, which is just comfortable to also get an audio confirmation. The next awesome feature is that the Hub is able to send you a message and even call you over the cellular network if there are no other ways to reach you at the moment. And yet, there is so many things left to cover about this device, but I will leave it for a dedicated review.
  3. Activation and system use. This is a plug & play appliance, and therefore you start working with it right out of the box. To do that – supply your Hub with power and internet and then you need to get a free Hik-connect phone app, available both in App Store and Google Play. Once installed and you created an account press the add device button, locate and scan the Hub’s QR-code and you’re ready to go!

The PIR Sensor for Motion Detection

This is a pure classic. The Principle is that the device is able to distinguish the person’s temperature, the human body from the environment. And therefore, when something with the human’s temperature appears in its field of view – we get a triggering. The Top feature here is that it has an immunity to detecting any pets under 30 kilograms in weight. The exact sensors’ detection range is 15 meters in front of him with an 85.1 FOV. The installation is simple and looks like what you see on the video below

And also, from this guy you can expect up to 5 years of battery life, and then you can easily replace it on your own.


The next one is the PIR Cam with identical operating principle, but on top of that you get a photo camera with flashlight, where PIR sensor triggering launches the camera, that takes series of up to 20 photos, that are then transmitted via radio frequencies to the AX Pro Hub, and then to you in the phone app. Here are the samples of how these photos look in 3x available definitions in day and night modes:

PIR Cam has the same immunity against detecting any pets under 30 kilograms in weight, but lower 12 meters detection range, the same 85.1 FOV, and this guy’s battery can last up to 6 years without changing and charging.

Magnet Door Opening Detector

Door and window opening detector, consisting of 2 parts – functional and just a magnet. This is a common reed-switch, that is being actuated by the magnet. Accordingly, in merged position they are closed, and when they are detached from each other – open. Meaning the event occurred, 2 basic types of signals, and also the tamper alarm. The signals transmission range in open space reaches up to 1600 meters with this wireless door opening detector .


Outdoor Alarm Siren

There is a lot more to come, but for now the last device I have for you is quite a loud alarm siren for outdoor applications. 110 db volumem IP65 protection ratem up to 3 years battery life, 1600 meters communication range and double tamper. The intent is clear – to scare the intruders out, and to inform everyone around that something went wrong, because, you know how that happens? From the moment when the alarm went on, the burglar has 2 options left – take the buzzer down as fast as he can, or just get away. In my opinion, a must-have device, because it disorients and distracts a thief so bad.

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