NEW Wireless Hikvision AX PRO Alarm System 2020 – 6 Main Features Of The System Overview

This New Hikvision AX PRO Alarm System Has An Incredible Foundation

I mean you never saw Hikvision Actually making alarm systems until now, and that is why they have acquired Pyronix, quite an experienced manufacturer. Although, of course, it is not just a Pyronix merit. Hikvision put in here a lot of their own experience too, and we’re really excited about this one, and we want to share it with you. My name is Daniel Pipl Systems Store.

Things You Need To Know About This New Hikvision AX PRO Alarm System:

1. W stands for Wireless

All sensors, detectors and peripherals in this system are wireless, all operations between sensors and central hub and you are performed wirelessly. Well except for that the main AX Pro Hub requires a constant power supply, but this is justified by the fact that not only this central unit manages all processes that happen between all devices. But! It also maintains the communication with you, constantly via 4 internet channels: the common network cable, Wi-fi and 2 sim-cards working in either 4G or 3G networks. And it is even able to send you a message over cellular network and even call you in the emergency case, if there’s no other way to reach you! Therefore, the power consumption is totally bigger here with Hub, but yet for the emergency cases – we have got here a lithium battery built-in Hub, that will last for up to 12 hours on one charge.

2. Radio Frequencies Transmission

The data exchange and transmission processes inside of the system, between peripherals and the central unit, are performed via the radio waves on the 868mghz. frequencies. And besides, the transmitted data is protected due to the AES-128 protocol encryption, plus the system features an anti-jamming scenarios. And to end this one up – data transmission clarity and interferences. Hikvision say that they have implemented such thing as frequencies hopping, that allow the system to automatically and seamlessly adjust frequencies for data transmission among 50 different channels to avoid the interferences, which, in simple words, is awesome.

3. D For Distance

The biggest communication range you can expect from the devices in this system is 2 000 meters, but keep in mind that we talk about an open space environment, and the thicker walls you have in your place – the shorter signal range you will get on an outcome. And among the devices the largest data transmission range indicator belongs to magnet door opening detector, which is typical for such sensors, because the signals it sends are quite basic and are low in weight. Although! It highly depends on how good the manufacturer did his job, and here it’s a good indicator. Opposite to the largest one, the lowest is 800 meters and belongs to the PIR cam device, which is totally justified by the fact that PIR Cam sends the “heaviest” type of data over the radio frequencies – photos. Even though they come in quite a low resolution, I think you will agree with me on that photos transmission over the radio waves is a more complicated task.

4. E For Ecosystem and C For Camera

Following the example of Google Nest, Amazon’s Ring.. , SimpliSafe and similar – Hikvision certainly want you to be surrounded by their appliance, and that includes different types of cameras, video recorders, video intercoms, and finally – the alarm system. Ow right! And the software and cloud services too! But it’s OK, every manufacturer want to supply you with everything. And Hikvision has a reputation of one of the world’s largest and oldest CCTV products manufacturer, and plus they have acquired Pyronix, one of the top-tier alarm devices manufacturer in past. And on the basement of that they have built their own competitive solution, because This system was designed to work just great with other Hikvision devices and the network cameras in particular.

5. B For The Battery Life And Easy Battery Replacement

Let’s see the sensor’s specs tables and see that with a PIR Cam you get up to 6 years battery life! Тext is the regular PIR sensor and… down to 5 years. And a one more just to kill it – door opening detector… 5 years too! Concerning the battery replacement – “unscrew the cover → Replace the battery!” It’s that simple and requires no any installer’s or any other side help.

6. S For Simple Installation

Depending on the sensor, of course, but mostly within the box you have double-sided tape with which you can easily install a lightweight sensor like door magnet one. Although, this is not a good recommendation. Frankly speaking, it is not solid enough to withstand 5 years of the door detector battery life, so yeah – that is why within the box you also have a pack with screws and anchors. Get a drill and there’s literally nothing difficult from this point.

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