IMOU LOOC / Dahua C26E Review – Super Home Security Camera With Siren & Spotlight

Dahua C26E or the IMOU LOOC camera looks very familiar after we’ve reviewed an IMOU Cell Pro Camera, and it ain’t surprising. Same body, same bracket, different filling though. Dahua owns three consumer-focused brands, which are IMOU, EZ-IP and a Dahua Consumer. And this one is Dahua Consumer and IMOU series, 1080p Wi-fi camera with a few really worthy functions, and we’re about to tell you what’s that, show you a video shot on this cam so you can estimate the quality and activate-connect it of course in a video form below. Dahua C26E or the IMOU LOOC is available on the Pipl Systems Website 🙂

The Box, The Looks, The Impressions

We would really recomend getting this IMOU LOOC if you’re considering buying a home consumer cam, further we will answer why. IMOU LOOC is a wi-fi active deterrence camera. The box consists of: a quick start guide, power adapter, positioning sticker, cable clips, camera’s bracket, lot of screws and anchors. The exact camera, unlike IMOU Cell Pro, is wired and powers via microUSB cable and 5 Volts 2 Amp. power adapter. It runs a 2 megapixels FullHD 1080p and we’ve also managed to record a video for you to estimate the quality and decide if it worth it for you.


In the Dahua C26E we have a hardware infrared sensor (PIR), which is great as this isn’t just an image change, but a real infrared that spots a human body heat. Also there’s a microphone and a spotlight on body, but a thing that makes this cam stand out along with a built-in siren, is coming from a speaker on a bottom, able to produce a 110 decibels alarm noise to scare out those intruders. There’s a bracket recess on a back, and the upper side here fits a microSD slot with a limit of 128 gigabytes, and a reset button.


IMOU LOOC: The Features

There’s a few more things worth at least mentioning. And first of all I want to highlight an H.265 high effecient video compression support that makes our saved records better-quality and taking less space. What’s really cool for us – having both spotlight and a siren in a small consumer camera, thus it is intended for outdoor install. The night mode offers us a 10 meters or 33 feet view distance at night. Also want pick out a 133° view angle, motion deteciton zone selecting and a two-way speak owing to built-in mocrophone and a speaker. To us – this one has all the functionsweI want to have in such camera and it is quite cheap, plus we really enjoy IMOU app and service.

Activation & Connection


1080p is well, not a top feature on a market, but it isn’t bad and also saves a lot of space. Taking into account quite a low price tag, built-in siren, spotlight, infrared sensor, 128 gigabytes, a big brand support this Dahua C26E / IMOU LOOC is a good pick. Get it officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website 🙂

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