Outdoor Bullet Wifi Camera From Ivideon Review – Is it Any Good?

Today you will read the review of nice and simple Ivideon Outdoor
Wifi Bullet Camera that you can get on the Pipl Systems Store

Who are Ivideon and why? In first place, these guys are a providers of intelligent cloud services, and only after that they are a cameras manufacturer. I think it was like: “We are a cloud service provider for security cameras, why don’t we also make cameras for our cloud so it will be all-in-one?”. That’s the point about Ivideon – due to how they have arranged their cloud, you are able to connect it to nearly any network camera out there, but we are going to talk about this in the upcoming materials.

Box / Looks / Body Overview

The box contents are: mounting stencil, the camera, pack with screws and anchors, waterproof connectors for ethernet cable, the 12 Volt power supply, and the quick start guide. That’s all you need to start to work with the camera on spot right after you unbox it.

Now the camera. The body was built that way to match IP67 protection rate, allowing us to install it anywhere on the street – all is covered and will most likely withstand any kind of weather. With this cam you get a classic tail with power port and RJ-45 for twisted pair ethernet cable, because here we’ve got classic wire and wireless Wi-fi options. There is separate Wifi antenna here to make the connection range wider, a manufacturer specifies operating range up to 50 meters.

The angles are adjustable, with the screwdriver you can loose them, adjust the way you need and tighten up back to fix the position. Under a screwed cover you’ll find the reset button and MicroSD card input with capacity support up to 256 gigs. THe most curious thing about Ivideon is a Cloud Service, though of course, this can be contributed to good signs.

Now the front panel – microphone on top next to LED-indicator, inside we’ve got low-light type IR backlight with operating range of around 30 meters. The picture quality we get from the main camera module is 2 megapixel, FUllHD 1080p, the focal length is 3.6 mm. allowing us to see more details on a greater distances, but the backfire is that our view angle decreases, in this case, to 87.5 degrees, although, this is an outdoor camera, so all good.

Connection / Activation

The thing we have left is a connection part, let me guide you through it.

2nd Part:


Well, I think if you’re considering to apply a video surveillance to your home, 1 camera is never a good idea, it always starts with 2 – indoor and outdoor, like this one, and a quantity bigger than 2 – depends on a size of your property and the size of the area you want to cover with video surveillance. And for sure that should be single brand primarily due to that that’s going to be a lot easier to manage. The question is, again, why Ivideon? Because of their cloud features, and that’s the topic for our upcoming videos. In the Pipl Systems Store we’ve got range of Ivideon cameras, IMOU, Ezviz and a lot of other home Wifi cameras, as well as alarm systems, IP intercoms, and many other devices and brands 🙂

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