Real Body Temperature Measurement Solution Against Covid-19 Tested! Used By Government In 2020

This is what the entire world is demanding right now.

The solution, the way how to measure a human body temperature on a go, because it has to be rapid and precise, it has to be contactless and it must recognize people, their faces and measure a temperature of multiple people at a time. And we’ve got a solution provided by Dahua Technology, to whom all the credits go. We talk of temperature measurement system, that is already available on the Pipl Systems Store


The System Parts and Typical Application

Essentially, the system of temperature measurement and human faces recognition consists of:

  • A thermal network camera, used specifically for a temperature measurement, which is achieved by dual camera modules setup, featuring one normal camera module and one thermal camera module.
  • Black body calibration device, which essentially, produces and maintains a constant temperature, that is configurable, as a reference point for the thermal camera. Except that, . This role is being performed by an
  • Artificially-intelligent network video recorder, that we need for recognition, capturing, counting and storing records with people faces and their related body temperature measurements. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t get one, so this is going to be only a human body temperature measurement test and demonstration)
  • In addition, you would want to get a tripods and brackets for camera and a black body device, plus what’s left is a power adapter for every listed appliance

You you see they are installed in our place, a Dahua Thermal Hybrid Network Camera and a black body device installed 3 meters away from the camera, and note that it must be in camera’s sight of view. In the middle of our setup we have got a laptop, where we work with the appliance itself and a TV in the role of monitor to show the data on a big screen.

The goal of system is to provide a constant monitoring of a people body temperatures in a crowded and the most hazardous locations, that in our epidemic times are Airports, Train Stations, Hospitals and other critically vital facilities.

What Appliance Do We Use Specifically?

The camera we have is Dahua DH-TPC-BF3221-T Thermal Hybrid Network Camera, that is able to measure human body temperature due to its dual camera setup, that you can see up on a photos, consisting of a normal camera module with an infrared LED and thermal camera module altogether in one body, this is what the technology is.

The peculiarity is that the camera ignores that the people may wear masks or helmets, it just doesn’t affect the measuring accuracy. It also not measures a temperature of a hot liquids like a tea or coffee that a person could carry. The measuring ability applies to people only, with 30 maximum people number in camera’s sight. Of course, there is a certain imprecision probability, but with a black body device it would not exceed more than +- 0.2 or +- 0.3 Celsius.

The task of a black body calibration device, essentially, is to produce and maintain a specific constant temperature, used as a reference point for the thermal camera, and it is adjustable. On a practice – every time when a person passes through the camera’s measuring sight, the camera correlates a person’s temperature with the temperature of a black body, that produces a constant temperature, while the people temperature will always differ, and this is how the high accuracy is achieved.

The Setup Stage & Demonstration

On a setup stage we activated a camera, placed all equipment on a right places, went to camera’s settings in the IVMS-4200 and we drew the measurement area with the blue rectangle. On the following video I have asked my colleagues to walk in and out of the measurement area so we can see in a live mode that our camera actually captures different body temperatures.

And for sure we have alarm siren sounds and that flashlight blinking, coming from the camera, when the abnormal temperature is spotted, which level is adjustable.

The Conclusion

To conclude, this is the most highly demanded equipment in a world right now due to the Covid-nineteen virus enormous propagation speed, while the authorities do what it takes to limit the spread of the virus. And our weapon is data. The more we know about how many of us are infected, the more we control the situation. And among the places of application there are airports, train stations, hospitals and companies that produce the most necessary, vital products. That is why in the Pipl Systems Store we have got all the reviewed today equipment available for you. Leave your query in a comments below or get in touch with us on: *@pi**.systems

There’s no better way to perceive information than a video! Watch this review on Youtube in a video form!


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