EZVIZ C4W Brand-new 1080p Outdoor Wifi Camera Review & Tutorial + Video Quality Test [CS-CV228]

A classic dome-type cameras are not familiar with Ezviz, who mostly prefer to produce a bullet, pan-tilt and those magnetic base type cams. What we have here today is a brand-new Ezviz C4W Outdoor Wi-fi camera, and looking a bit ahead, they have finally brought here some features we were waiting for and hoping they will bring them to their cameras. We’ll go through unboxing, specs, video quality test and features. And and you can get the Ezviz C4W or any other Ezviz camera on a Pipl Systems Store.

The Unboxing / Parts / Looks

In the box we are met with the camera itself on top. But except the cam, here’s what you have within a box:

  • 12V. power adapter
  • Plastic bracket for mounting
  • Mounting sticker
  • Quick start guide
  • Screws and anchors pack
  • cable clips to secure joints from a water

The exact C4W dome-type camera consists of the metal ball-form camera module, a plastic bracket around it and this classic tail with a 12V. power supply and the RJ-45 internet cable inputs, and there’s a Wi-fi support along with a wired connection type, and what Ezviz did – they fitted in here 2 Wi-fi antennas, according to MIMO technology, hidden inside of a body for a better network stability. On a body there’s microphone hole, and a speaker grills on a back. There’s also a screwed down little cover, containing a reset button and a microSD card input, though they didn’t put a screwdriver in the box. The water protection is made here by a red rubber layer, used to keep the water out, IP-67 confirmed here camera is solid. Now the main elements. The external circle is the LED-panel to light up a scene at night, infrared lights next to it, and the exact 1080p camera module. We’ve also brought here an Ezviz С3WN as a very similar, almost identical regarding a specifications camera, but in another bullet-form body, and now we want to show you a video in compare.

What I can say from my perspective – quite decent for both cameras in frames of 1080p with that only only difference in a view angle, which is fine due to different cameras types. We don’t have a passive infrared sensor this time in Ezviz C4W, thus a motion detection happens only on the software level, and that means you got to carefully pick a place for mounting if you need this function to be turned on, as you’ll be receiving a motion alerts even from a slightest leafs fluctuation.

Features Review


EZVIZ C4W Wifi Camera

Video Quality FUllHD 1080p / 30 FPS.
View Angle 118°
Compression Rate H.265 Support
MicroSD Capacity up to 256GB
Night View 30m (98ft) Distance
Motion Detection Software level
Ingress Protection IP67
Audio Channels 2-way
Siren Built-in
Spotlight LED Spotlight
Internet Connection Wi-fi / Wired
Extra 2 Wi-fi Antennas
Extra Custom Voice Records


As I have mentioned in the beginning – there’s a few really awesome and outstanding features that Ezviz finally brought to their devices. Power over internet (PoE) isn’t new and there’s nothing to focus on, but still it’s cool to have both wired PoE and Wi-fi options with 2 antennas at once. The camera module is quite standard, 1080p lens, 30 FPS, 180° view angle, and the exact footage looks good. The LED-panel surrounding a camera in combine with a speaker act as an active protection, so as a security floodlight to spot an intruder and also a siren to loudly inform everyone in area that something went wrong. And as we have a 2-way audio feature here due to this microphone and a speaker, we can also record a custom audio message that will be played for a visitors when they will get in a detection area. What Ezviz finally implemented is the High efficiency H.265 compression support, that almost literally cuts in half a size of a video plus saves us a quality in compare to H.264 codec. We’ve got a dust and water-resistance IP-67 protected body here, and what I really want to put an emphasis on, a top feature here is a night vision quality and available distance, which is 30 meters or 98 feet, which is really nice, and here’s a video for you to estimate with your own eyes.


A Full Review Is Available On A Following Video:


Even though there’s no passive infrared sensor, which, from my perspective, must be in every security camera, there’s a lot of a truly worthy features. H.265 compression rate support, IP-67 protection rate, spotlight and siren, 2 way audio, customizable voice recordings and a great night view distance for this class of cameras. Ezviz С4W is s must buy. Get Ezviz C4W officially on the Pipl Systems Store.

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