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Today we have for a review something that we are not used to associate with Ezviz, cameras mostly manufacturer. And that is a smart plug under a T31 product code, that comes in 3 versions for US, UK and Europe. The one we have is European, the difference lies in only the exact plugs construction. We will see what is it capable of, answer the question why do actually need it, activate and test it practically. Ezviz T31 Smart Plug is available on the Pipl Systems Store.

The Device’ Intent

Basically, a device that lets you control your appliance’s energy consumption remotely and to be aware of how much energy does some specific appliance connected to a current via this plug consumes and how much does that cost you eventually. What you are actually getting with this Ezviz Plug device is the electricity consumption statistics and an options to power it on and off remotely from a phone app, by a pre-set schedule, like you’re leaving your home in morning, let’s say 8 a.m, and the appliances you don’t need while you’re absent are turning off automatically by a schedule, and you can also use for that purpose physical buttons on a body. Well, it’s all about automation, smart home, internet of things – quite simple though. By the way, you’ll find 2 buttons on a body with their own LED above them: the power and connection one, and their brightness is fully adjustable in the app. It is also compatible with the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. The supported output is 4000 Watts with the Voltage of 250V maximum, and the insides are made from Flame Retardant Material, thus we are not afraid of overloads power surges that can kill our devices. And that voltage level covers every home appliance out there.

Activation / Test

The Full Version Of Review, Demonstration And Device Setup Is Available On The Video:


A very tiny device that lets you control your appliance’s power status and energy consumption remotely, lets you switch on and off any connected via it devices, and displays which appliance overloads the power source and consumes too much energy. Automation, smart home, internet of things, increased life comfort and a money saving are the concepts to associate with Ezviz plug. And I think it’s a big plus of you are already an Ezviz devices user, as you it’ll be convenient to take control of your appliances from a one app. Get Ezviz T31 Smart Plug officially along with the Ezviz cameras on the Pipl Systems Store

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