Temperature Measurement + Walk-through Metal Detector 2-in-1 Solution Tested! Airports, Schools…

A walk-through Hikvision Metal Frame Detector featuring temperature measuring and metal detection for a person, Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F. Earlier we showcased Temperature Measurement Systems, fixed and handheld thermal cameras, but the topic itself is way deeper, and we continue our journey deep down there

You definitely saw this with your eyes and probably passed through one like this when you were in airport, so the operational principle is clear to you. But this time our 1st detection line is a temperature, even before a person passes through metal detector. If the temperature parameter is not okay, the person will not proceed through the frame, he will be told to stop. In this scenario we are not letting visitor in so he could not infect anyone inside. Such a way, our visitor was labeled as a potential threat and he is going to be inspected by a medic. Although, if the temperature is okay, this is how it looks like:

What you can see with these LED’s located on both sides, the area where something metal was spotted is highlighted with red lights, a security guard will search that part of body

Now this is the advantage of such technology – 2 detection parameters in one device, so that a person has no other way but to go through both temperature and metal detection, instead of only single way used. Because, not every weapon is either sharp or can shoot, but there are some invisible to our eye. With this system we’re able to 2-step verify and spot a possible threat.


Originally, the set consists of 2 parts – the metal detector frame and the thermographic dome-body type camera, and is named as Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F. There is LCD screen, we’re on the home tab, that displays four information types, and these are your main numbers: how many people have passed and below – how many people were detected carrying something metal. On the right side we’ve got the measured temperature string and below – how many people were detected with an abnormal temperature.

This is monitored by a security guard. Next on the menu we have overall security, sensitivity level, adjustable, then it is the sensitivity of separate zones from top to bottom of the frame, the number of which is eighteen zones, and every single one of them is adjustable, which is just awesome.

Now the application, or profiles, and as you can see here we are on the prison , and among other application places there are: Airports, Schools, Universities, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Museums and a lot else, like all public locations with a great flow of people passing. Next the frequency, so you can better adjust it for your environment and let it not touch other devices. The alarm sound and the volume, Wifi connection, and the tab where we can configure which of these 2 groups of infrared detectors will be active, former and latter. And now the camera.

Thermographic Camera

2nd, yet equivalent part is a Hikvision thermographic camera, DS-2TD1217B-3/P, that is connected to metal detector via RS485 interface, therefore it is able to also transmit signals so that the metal frame could raise audio alarm and strobe light alarm. It features 2 camera modules setup: thermal and 4mp. optical, and that allows us to view both images at once like “picture in picture” mode, or in the Image Fusion mode, when the details of thermal channel are overlaid on the optical channel to show you more details eventually at once.

The temperature measurement accuracy, the margin of error is around ± 0.5 Celsius, but if you use a black body device in your setup, that parameter will decrease down to ± 0.2-0.3 Celsius. And you can also add to the setup some intelligent NVR to make up some heavy analytics and smart functionality, though it’s not our way this time. Due to that the camera has a face detection feature, it easily distinguishes various objects from people.



Such a combination of a Metal Frame Detector and the Thermographic Camera allows us to arrange 2-step threat detection, where the first detection line is a temperature measurement, and the second is an advanced metal detection. Due to that, neither a person with elevated temperature, nor a person carrying any metal parts will pass through it. I don’t have to tell how convenient this is, considering the epidemic that we are facing now, and how convenient it is for large facilities, that don’t anymore have to install both metal detector and temperature measurement system, as here in our case it comes as the all-in-one solution, because it is the solution to the problem, provided by Hikvision. And you can get it in the Pipl Systems Store, where we’ve also got for you such metal detecting and thermographic equipment, high-end complex thermal temperature measurement systems and lighter handheld thermographic cameras and other 🙂

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