What Is Intelligent Cloud Service for Video Surveillance in 2020? On the Instance of Ivideon

Everything has moved to cloud – to the servers, data centers located all over the world, that are available where the internet can reach. And that data is accessible from any device almost instantly due to modern network speeds and bandwidth that we have achieved throughout the time. Today we talk about how video surveillance changed due to the new possibilities and advanced cloud services in particular

How it was before – analog video surveillance system with footage stored locally on a video recorders, accessible locally only too. What came next is that we were able to store our footage from analog camera on the video recorder that was able to forward those videos to the cloud. Then we moved to IP internet protocol data transmission with the ability to connect devices between each other via ethernet, and to save and store cameras’ footage on a network video recorders, or even on the cloud storage directly, with no video recorder in the chain. And now, as we are used to that our videos are stored on the cloud with no NVRs, the question is – what’s next? So, it came to what used to be just a cloud storage, became something more that just a storage for videos, to that it can also be intelligent, and make your camera smart. And it is smart in our case.

The reason why we decided to pay some close attention to Ivideon is because these guys are a solid representative, I’d even say one of the leaders in the area of the intelligent cloud services and video analytics for your security camera system. Before – there were complicated systems with high-end super-expensive cameras and artificially intelligent video recorders, and altogether those parts are able to give you more that just a video surveillance, but the intelligent video analytics like face recognition, people counting, license plate and vehicle recognition.

With today’s solution it is possible to perform such a heavy video analytics, requiring a really good hardware, on any simple home wifi camera like Ezviz C1C, IMOU Cue 2 and etc. In fact, the simplest use scenario looks like this:

– You’ve got any brand security camera that supports ONVIF or RTSP, you don’t even have to think about it – that’s nearly every camera out there → then you pair it up with the Ivideon Service and Boom → you access your regular functionality from Ivideon and that is what’s awesome about them – it is an independent cloud service allowing you to pair it up with almost every modern security camera.

That is the core – Hikvison, Uniview, Axis, Vivotek, Swann, Philips, D-link security camera – the list of supported devices is huge! The question is – why would you use 3rd-party service between you and your camera footage, if every manufacturer has its own app allowing you to do the same? And here’re the answer. The chain is as follows: you have connected any manufacturer camera to Ivideon service → now you access it’s features via Ivideon. OK, but you want something heavier and more advanced.

What You Can Get is:

  • Face Recognition
  • Cashbox Operations Analysis
  • Contactless Access Control
  • Queue Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Empty Shelves Control
  • Cloud People Counting

On a 30$ wifi camera! And it doesn’t have to be this particular camera. With that it is not happening locally on that high-end expensive camera or NVR, which cost reached 10 or 20 grand or more, like it was before, but happens on the cloud and then outputs the results to you for quite a modest monthly subscription fee. The possibilities are fantastic. And we are going to disclose and demonstrate this advanced cloud video processing possibilities in the next materials function by function.

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