ZKTeco Temperature Measurement And Face Recognition 2-in-1 Access Control Terminal Review And Demo

What matters now, is to recognize if a visitor has an elevated body temperature before he is let into the building.

And we also want to make sure that our visitor wears a mask. Plus, we want to identify that person. And let’s say taht our visitor is actually our employee and we also want to know how often he is late for the work. And we want that information to be saved in a report so we can view it any time. This is what ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L

empowers you to do.


Here comes your man for the job – ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L

Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal, that also features body temperature measurement and mask detection, plus hand palm recognition and fingerprint scanner. My god, there’s just a lot of features, and they all work well (didn’t expect that honestly). But first things first.

We installed this terminal on our entrance turnstile and connect them to each other. Though, this is applicable to all doors and entrance areas, like we did for our door with electromagnetic lock. Then via the manufacturer software, ZKBioAccess, we uploaded in there a database with our employees. The maximum you can upload here is up to 6 000 faces, up to 3 000 hand palms, and up to 6 000 fingerprints. Though, we won’t be touching fingerprints this time for the obvious reasons.

5-inch Touch Screen, the module on top measures body temperature with accuracy parameter in ± 0.5 Celsius. The dual camera performs hand palm and facial recognition in under 1 second, and below a touch sreen – a fingerprint scanner. It has interfaces to be connected with 3rd Party Electric Locks, Door Sensors, Exit Buttons, there are Alarm outputs and Auxiliary Inputs.

In case with this ZKTeco SpeedFace Terminal, even before a man walks in the building we will know who is he. He will be identified owing to facial recognition feature, in accordance with pre-uploaded database. We will know what’s his body temperature, and if it is higher than pre-set 37.0 C.– he won’t be let in. And of course, the limits are configurable. Next, the system will check if a visitor wears a mask. If not – bad news for him, he won’t be let in either, and this can be configured too. One more thing we will know – in which time did he come to work? That’s an access control terminal with time attendance tracking. And to put an emphasis on it – contactless, with no cards, touching or any other interaction – just a facial recognition.

This is Paul, my colleague, and now he is going to be identified by the terminal, his body temperature is going to be measured, the system will tell us if he wears a mask, and this record with Paul’s attendance time and temperature measurement results will be saved as event in the database afterwards. Fantastic.


We’re surprised by the fact that this tiny thing has so many functions. Let me recount them for you:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Access Control
  • Time Attendance
  • Body temperature measurement
  • Mask detection
  • Hand palm recognition
  • Fingerprint scanner.

And all you actually need is some mechanism like turnstile or the electric lock on your door and a PC with ZKTeco Bio Access software, and a man who knows how to deal with this. And, surprisingly, it is way cheaper then full-fledged temperature measurements system features earlier on our channel. Though, there is a need for every product. And regarding that – In the Pipl Systems Store we can help you select your perfect system, we’ve got a range of thermographic equipment, facial recognition and time attendance terminals, high-end complex systems and lighter handheld thermographic cameras.

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