Ajax Alarm System Installation Case Study in Toronto’s Largest Warehouse


Ajax Alarm System Installation Case Study in Toronto’s Largest Warehouse

Provided by Jack Dugas, Security Expert, Rogers Security

Are you in search of a professional wireless security system to protect your large-scale facility? Look no further than Ajax, a remarkable security system that offers comprehensive coverage and ease of use. In this case study, we explore an Ajax alarm system installation in Toronto’s largest warehouse, demonstrating its effectiveness in securing a half-million-square-foot building.

Rogers Security, a leading security installation company in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), was tasked with finding a robust security solution for this distribution center. The customer expressed concerns about break-ins, thefts, squatters, and other security threats commonly associated with such a vast facility. Rogers Security partnered with Ajax to meet their requirements, utilizing their cutting-edge wireless security system.

Traditionally, securing a warehouse of this magnitude would require the installation of multiple security units. However, Ajax revolutionizes the approach by integrating all components into a single system. This consolidation not only simplifies management but also reduces costs and enhances efficiency.

One of the significant challenges in this warehouse was the distance between the employee entrance and the system hub, spanning approximately 450 feet. Additionally, the presence of steel girders, concrete walls, and various obstacles posed potential signal interference. Surprisingly, Ajax overcame this obstacle without the need for a range extender. While a range extender was eventually installed for added signal security, the system maintained a solid three-bar signal strength even without it.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Ajax system, let’s examine the security measures implemented at various points within the warehouse:

  1. External Door Contact Utilization

At the employee entrance, Ajax door contact sensors were employed to detect any unauthorized access. Remarkably, the existing door contact was seamlessly integrated with Ajax using the external contact clip. This integration allowed for a unified security system without the need for extensive modifications.

Moreover, Ajax curtain sensors were strategically placed to create a laser barrier across the walls, resembling a motion sensor but with continuous activation. These sensors offered additional coverage, protecting overhead doors and enhancing security measures throughout the facility.

  1. Real-Time Alarm Notifications

One of the most impressive features of the Ajax system is its rapid response to alarms. Upon triggering an alarm, whether through an external door opening or any other detected event, notifications are instantly sent to authorized personnel. Demonstrating this speed, as soon as the door was opened during the case study, notifications were received on multiple devices simultaneously, including a smartwatch and the monitoring station.

This real-time alarm notification system ensures that appropriate actions can be taken immediately, minimizing response times and enhancing overall security effectiveness.

  1. Resilience against Jamming Attacks

Ajax incorporates a security feature known as frequency hopping, which protects the system from RF jammers. In the event of a jamming attempt, the Ajax Hub and range extender dynamically change frequencies to maintain signal transmission, ensuring alarms are still relayed to the monitoring station. This robust defense mechanism adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding against potential intrusions.

  1. Comprehensive Coverage and Customization

The Ajax alarm system caters to various security requirements throughout the warehouse, offering a range of devices and sensors to protect different areas. For instance, where traditional door contacts couldn’t be utilized, Ajax curtain sensors were installed to create laser walls that covered expansive spaces.

Motion protect sensors were strategically placed to secure doors, while other areas were equipped with door contacts and motion protect sensors in combination. By tailoring the security measures to each specific location, the Ajax system provided comprehensive coverage, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

  1. Extended Range and Robust Signal Strength

Even at extreme distances from the Ajax Hub, the system proved reliable. In this case study, the motion protect sensor located at the farthest point, over 600 feet away from the hub, successfully connected and communicated without the need for a range extender. Although a range extender was eventually implemented for enhanced signal security, the Ajax system exhibited exceptional coverage and signal strength, ensuring comprehensive protection throughout the facility.

  1. Server Room Security

Ajax Hub’s capabilities were tested inside the server room, a tightly enclosed space within the facility. Despite solid concrete walls, steel structures, racks, and other obstacles, the Ajax Hub maintained a secure connection with door contacts even at distances of up to 600 feet. This remarkable performance attests to the system’s ability to overcome physical barriers and provide reliable security coverage.

In conclusion, the Ajax alarm system proved to be an excellent choice for securing Toronto’s largest warehouse. Its professional wireless capabilities, reliable signal strength, comprehensive coverage, and real-time notifications make it an ideal solution for large-scale facilities and smaller spaces.

Whether you require security solutions for a massive distribution center, a storefront, or your personal residence, Rogers Security, in partnership with Ajax and Axis, can design, install, and train you on a customized security system. With a comprehensive range of options, including access control, video surveillance, and advanced security systems, we ensure your safety and peace of mind, regardless of the scale of your security needs.

Contact us today, and let us provide you with the ideal security solution tailored to your specific requirements.


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