AJAX Alarm System Review: Ajax Transmitter / Integrate 3rd-party Sensors To Your Ajax Alarm System

Ajax Transmitter is quite a simple device, basically it’s intend is to convert a signal from a wired 3rd-party sensors into a radio-waves under Ajax Jeweler radio-transmission technology so you can access that data from an Ajax App on your phone. Wired signal becomes wireless owing to Ajax Transmitter and this is how we implement a 3rd-party sensor into the Ajax Systems setup. But there’s a lot more things to cover, thus let’s get a bit deeper, imagine ans simulate a few use scenarios. And of course Ajax Transmitter is available on the Pipl Systems Store officially along with a worldwide delivery and a special offer if you will specify you’re subscribed to us.

The Appearance / Parts

There’s 3 batteries on a device body, and they serve to power supply for a wired sensor, that is powered from 3 volts power supply. Owing to them, a sensor’s lifelong is about 2 to 3 years. Thus, an Ajax Transmitter can not only convert a wired signals to wireless, but also execute as a power supply for a sensor. There’s a QR-code on a body, needed to activate a device inside of the Ajax App, the LED indicator below a batteries to visually inform us of its status, on/off button, and a terminals, the left is a + and – power output, on the middle we have alarm in and out, on the right – tamper in and out. And you may ask – why there’s no cover, why there’s only a bare circuitry? And the answer is simple – due to that fact that the transmitter can power supply a sensor, it’s may be fitted in a sensor’s body internally. Taking into account that we also have here an accelerometer – we can make our scheme a bit more protected, considering that there’s no tamper in sensor. A radio signal transmission range for this Ajax Transmitter is 1600 m. in open area, in frames of which it can share data with an Ajax Hub. Now let’s make out a working principle.

The Working Principle

On the upper image you see a simple door opening sensor, based on a reed switch and a magnet, the same we’ve seen in an Ajax DoorProtect, but except that this one is not Ajax and it is wired. Thus here we got this basic principle of NC – normally closed and NO normally open position, like 1 and 0. Transmitter is able to distinguish those signals and form them into a conclusions, where a sensor’s open position is an alarm signal, and the closed one is a standby mode, plus it feels if that was a tamper alarm occurring. Among the transmitter application types there’s a lot of sensors including a motion tracking, perimeter protection, opening and break detectors, fire and gas leakage, and many others. As far as I know, they integrate good with the Optex sensors. But let me show you all of this on example.

Activation / Test

We’ve took a simple wired door opening sensor based on a reed switch and a magnet, and we’ve connected it to the Ajax transmitter and also closed a tamper. Now we’re activating a sensor in the Ajax App…


So, Ajax Transmitter – why do you need it? In case you have wired sensors and you’re not yet ready to fully upgrade your system to make it wireless. Or if that what suits your occasion, or you’ve already bought some basic Ajax devices and you still have wired sensors left. Mostly, it answers a question – “Do I need to make my wired sensor wireless?” – if that’s a yes – you can get it officially on the Pipl Systems Store Website along with a worldwide delivery for you, and specify you are subscriber to get a special offer.

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