Body Temperature Measurement On Hikvision Handheld Thermal Camera / Thermographic Fever Screening

Such a handheld thermal camera is remarkable for that the entire body temperature measurement process is being performed completely in your hand. As accurate as ± 0.5 C. Thermal imaging lens along with a regular optical lens, processor, touch screen, detachable and rechargeable battery, a lot of other elements and a special software to control all that – in one body, that allows to measure a human temperature on a go as simple as to just point it to a person

It starts with a solid black case, indicating the status and a serious device’ intent. And beforehand – I’m sorry for that it isn’t a full set due to that this one that I’ve got is a test sample, but normally in this case you will also find a user manual, a charging base for 2 batteries to charge them up simultaneously, and a replaceable battery. What else you have within the box is usb-cable and a power adapter with European plug type, and also 3 other plug types for other countries.

The equipment we use is:

  • Hikvision DS-2TP21-6AVF/W Thermographic Handheld Camera
  • Hikvision DS-2TP23-10VM/W Thermographic Handheld Camera
  • Hikvision DS-2TP31-3AUF Thermographic Handheld Camera


The Intent

Earlier we were demonstrating a full-fledged system that maintains database, recognizes and remembers faces, measures a temperature of 30 people in sight at once and many other high-end features to apply in a crowded locations with a great flow of people like shopping malls, airports, train stations, manufacturing facilities and etc. This time it’s the device to fit in a smaller environment like boutiques, local stores, small and middle-sized businesses, offices, drug stores and similar, because it’s compact and way cheaper than the high-end system. With handheld thermal camera it takes 1s./1 person to measure his temperature, so it is assumed that you are going to be measuring a one person’ temperature only at a time, unlike it was with that elevated body temperature measurement system, able to measure a temperature of 30 people at once. Now about this one – we asked our friends from Hikvision to make a video for us, demonstrating how it looks in a closer to reality conditions:

Yet you can hold it in hand like a gun and selectively point it to a person, whose temperature you want to measure, that makes up 2 use scenarios – as a stationary temperature measurement station and the hand-operated temperature monitor to be used on a go.

The Hardware

Similar to camera’s lenses, there’s a cap, covering lenses and other active elements. And now you can see these main parts, that are:

  • Thermal module, with the operational resolution in 160×120, 6.2 mm. of focal length, able to detect elevated body temperature with the margin of error in ± 0.5 C. Though, if you are going to add a black body device to your setup, it can decrease it down to 0.2-0.3 C.
  • LED-sight to light up a scene when needed
  • The laser in a middle used to point and more accurately track objects that emit heat on a greater distances.
  • Optical 8-megapixel camera module behind the lens, though the video you can export from here will be saved in 640×480 resolution, the same as the resolution of a screen.
  • Focus Knob
  • Tripod interface
  • Trigger to take photos and videos
  • Detachable battery element on a bottom of handle, that makes it a standalone device, able to work for up to five hours on one charge.
  • Micro-usb interface
  • MicroSD card slot, and you also have a built-in memory module to store videos and snapshots.

Test, Demonstration and Full Review on the Video:


There always is a specific application area for every single appliance. This Hikvision Thermographic Handheld Camera is the best to be used on a go as a standalone device, that you are holding in hand and pointing at people to get a quick temperature test for one person, or you can place it on a tripod as a stationary temperature measurement appliance and scan a queue of people that are passing by. That makes it pretty much universal and a great device to be used for small enterprises, offices, local stores, pharmacies and similar. In the Pipl Systems Store we have got for you such handheld thermographic equipment, high-end complex thermal temperature measurement systems and all other parts for these devices.

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