Update Firmware On Any Hikvision Security Camera Manually Via Web Under 5 Minutes

In this material you are going to learn how to update a firmware manually on any Hikvision security network camera easy and fast in 5 minutes with no software downloads. Pipl Systems

There are 3 ways to update a firmware on a Hikvision camera:

  1. Camera’s Web Interface;
  2. IVMS-4200;
  3. Batch Configurator tool.

We will go with the most common and universal option, assuming no any downloads – the web interface.


  • First of all, you need a full camera marking, which is “DC-2CD1021-I” for me, and note that this instruction is applicable to every Hikvision network camera, regardless of its class and features, and you can locate yours on the camera’s box, on the information plate somewhere on a device body,

  • And you can also locate your camera marking in Hikvision PC tools, such as IVM-4200 software, used to work with cameras

  • Go to Hikvision website and locate search button, type in there your camera marking in the field and search.
  • As a result – you will see a list with search results and the cam you were looking for. Press on it and you’re redirected to product card → scroll down, and in the “Download Center’ locate the firmware tab → press firmware download and it gives you the latest available firmware for camera → save the file, the download begun.
  • Once it’s downloaded unzip the archive, you should get a folder with the exact firmware file named “digicap.dav”.

  • For purpose of updating camera’s firmware go to camera’s web interface via Internet Explorer, or the Mozilla Firefox, these are time-tested and are 100% supported, though it may go well with Chrome, Edge, Opera and etc. Type in camera’s IP-address and on the page input your user data, log in
  • Go to configuration tab. Here you need “system” → “Maintenance”, and there on the bottom you will see the upgrade item → press “browse” and locate previously downloaded digicap.dav firmware file.
  • Now open it and what’s left is to press Upgrade button. You will see a prompt, saying that the camera needs to reboot and that’s definitely OK. Now wait till the process is completed.

It’s recommended to reset a camera to default settings after the update, but I never ran into issues related to that I didn’t reset it, so up to you.

Watch Video-instruction on Youtube!

If you purchased a camera from us – we can help you update your firmware, just contact our technical support on the Pipl Systems, and we can also help you select your perfect security camera in the Pipl Systems 🙂

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