In this material we are going through a manual password reset for Dahua Network Camera step-by-step.
Here you will find Dahua Cameras Firmware Manual Upgrade. You’re on Pipl Systems Store and we begin.

If you’re looking for the way to reset password for Dahua appliance – that means your task is the restoration of default factory settings, so this is where this manual is heading to. There’s 3 relevant ways to reset password for Dahua Cameras Or Video Recorders, if you forgot it.

  1. Locate a reset button of the body of device or inside of it, you might need to unscrew the cover;
  2. Use the device’s web interface or Dahua’s Config Tool and/or your phone with iDMSS or gDMSS app to initiate a password reset via QR-code, but it works only if initially you specified your email-address when you were activating your device, and you still have access to that email;
  3. Unfortunately, its the most time-consuming, but a 100% verified one. It assumes that you extract an .XML-file from a camera via Dahua’s Config Tool, and will then send it to your local distributor, from whom you purchased a device, or to a Dahua Support in your country, or the nearest to it.

#1. Reset Button

Option #1 is that normally, with bullet body type network cameras we’ve got screwed cover located on bottom of the body, that is easy to open with a regular crosshead screwdriver. Inside you’ll discover a microSD card input and the reset button, but there are exceptions, so if that’s your type – go straight to option #2 and #3.

With dome-type body cameras, this button is usually hidden inside of the body, but it isn’t hard to get inside either. Find your camera’s box, and with a high probability you will find there a proper screwdriver to get inside camera’s body. Unscrew the upper part on top of the basement to reveal the basement with camera’s functional parts. Now inspect it to find the reset button, has to be there,

From the point where you found the reset button within your Dahua camera – unplug the power if you didn’t do that yet. Now press that button till you hear that kind of “click” sound and hold it, don’t release a finger. While holding the button, plug the power back to camera and keep holding it for 15-20 seconds, exactly in this order. If done right – when you will open the ConfigTool software and search for devices within your subnet – you will see “uninitialized” status on your camera, and this what you need. Now activate it and set up as a new device.

#2. Reset Via Software & Email

If your camera doesn’t has a reset button either on body or inside of it, you‘ve got 2 options left. Option #2 assumes that when you were activating your camera you have specified the recovering email, used to send you a security code needed to reset a password. If you’ve done it – continue . First thing you do – go to App Store / Google Play and download iDMSS or gDMSS app. After that you will need the IP-address of your device, that you can find in Dahua’s software. Now go into the browser and type that IP-address it there, go for it – you’ll see authentication page, simply press “Forgot Password” button next to password input field. Agree confirm, and you will see the QR-code that you need to scan with the phone app. Launch the phone app → settings → press reset device password and now pointed the phone to that code – next you wait a bit to receive the email to pre-specified earlier email. Then when you have it, copy and go back to browser – insert it there without a dot, and press next – now you can create a new password, and that’s done. The second way here is Dahua’s ConfigTool software – install and open it up, and inside you will see all the devices within your subnet, locate there your camera and its IP-addrethe box left to it and press reset – confirm, agree and well you’ve got the this same stuff happening here – grab your phone, scan QR-code and then you receive the the password to your email with the security code that you input back there and right away creating a new password, and you’re done.

#3. XML-file Extraction

We address the option #3 if there’s nothing else left and unfortunately, the previous ones are unavailable – here we need to extract a specific XML-type file out of the camera and send it to the support service. Every camera is obligated to be activated via Dahua’s ConfigTool, so you probably have it installed on your PC and your camera has an initialized status in there – now that is what you do.

Open up a ConfigTool and you’ll be able to see all equipment within your subnet. Now go to item #4 in the left column, locate your device and in the end of the line press reset, agree, and here at the top press the bar and select XML file, agree again, select path and press next, you will see a success message. From this point – you need to send this XML-file to the company, from which you have purchased a camera.

NOTE that you MUST NOT close the ConfigTool, unplug a power supply or disconnect a camera from network while you are waiting for the response with a modified .XML-file. Contact your company’s technical support by phone or email, briefly describe your situation and attach this file. They usually require you to specify an order id, your name and your email-address to make sure you are a device owner. If that’s not your option – contacting a Dahua support in your country, or a nearest to it, should do the thing, but only if the camera was certified. And of course, we always take this kind of requests from our customers. In the end of the day you will receive an email with the XML-file attached, that you save onto your computer, go back into Config tool, press open, locating that file, named “result”, and press next then. Create a new password now and replicate it once again. If done right, the next thing you’ll see will be a success message and the pop-up will vanish. Now your camera is restored, activated again afterwards with a new password, that you probably won’t forget this time.

If you purchased your camera or recorder from or anything from us – we can help you reset password for it, just contact our technical support here, and we can also help you select your perfect camera or camera system 🙂

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